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Kim Chiu’s Tagaytay Rest House Has a Fire Pit, a Heated Pool, and a View of Taal Volcano

We also found furnishings just like those in her dream-come-true home.

Photography: Courtesy of YouTube/Kim Chiu PH

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In two new videos on her YouTube channel, actress Kim Chiu finally gave fans a highly anticipated peek into her rest house in Tagaytay. She originally acquired this property during the pandemic, at a time when she began to reflect deeply on things that she wanted for herself, her family, and her future. “Naisip ko na para saan pa’t nagtatrabaho ako kung hindi ko rin naman kukunin ‘yong pangarap ko?”

Kim took inspiration from a friend who said, “Never underestimate the power of your dreams.” Because it had always been her dream to own a rest house, she decided to manifest it until, finally, it came true. “It became reality na pahingahan, unique na lugar, sa lugar na malayo sa siyudad. And isa ‘to sa mga dreams ko na magkaroon, and I’m very happy na andito na siya and na-e-experience ko na siya and nahahawakan ko na ‘yong isa sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay.”

Take a look into Kim’s homey and minimalist Tagaytay rest house and where to buy the same exact products in her home:



Many changes were made to the exterior of Kim’s rest house since she first revealed it back in 2021. Previously, it utilized primarily dark colors and had no wood or canopies. Now, the colors of the structure are much brighter, so they better complement the surrounding greenery. “Mas maaliwalas sa paningin,” Kim says of the design.

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Given the cold temperatures in Tagaytay, the pool is actually heated. Kim also revealed that she had the tiles, flooring, and patching repaired. Santeco Construction Supplies and Services took over the completion of Kim’s pool.



The side entrance of Kim’s rest house leads to a deck that has wooden floors and canopies. She shares that she really wanted a wooden canopy here to give this area a “more aesthetic, more modern look.” There are also many other wooden elements throughout this property, like the outdoor living area and the wall by the stairs.


Outer Area

Inspired by her heritage, Kim made sure to follow principles of feng shui and incorporated Chinese elements into the design of her rest house. One example of this is the presence of fu dog statues just outside the outer area. Fu dog statues, also known as Chinese guardian lions, are typically seen in pairs on opposite sides of an entryway and used to ward off negative energy. According to Kim, these statues are also incensed regularly.


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Close to the pool, there is an open space that Kim and her loved ones often use for meals, get-togethers, and other functions. This is just one of the many different areas in Kim’s rest house that are meant to be used for spending quality time.


Dirty Kitchen

Accessible via a set of stairs on the side of the house is the dirty kitchen, which is often used to avoid food odors inside the house. Kim describes the experience of cooking here as, “parang presko lang,” given the expansive view and cool, refreshing air.


Outdoor Living Area

Just past the dirty kitchen, there is an outdoor living area with a complete sofa set and, of course, a view of the Taal Volcano. The furniture is made of materials that are easy to clean, while the wooden flooring is courtesy of Poliwood Philippines. Kim reveals that this is actually her father’s favorite spot to sit and have tea. She also occasionally comes here to have coffee and enjoy some alone time.


Fire Pit

One unique feature of Kim’s rest house is the fire pit, which was actually already installed when she initially purchased the property. She chose not to change a lot about this area because she liked the tiling used for the seats and the fire pit itself. This is another area where she and her family sit, chat, drink wine, and even have s’mores, especially when the weather is chilly.


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Living Area

The living area is a perfect representation of Kim’s vision of a simple, minimalist space where she can really rest and unwind. It's furnished with pieces in pastel colors and a carpet with an agate design, which she got from Eurobel. This area also has several rubber plants, scented candles, a smart TV, and a boombox.


Next to the window, there is a painting of a peony that originally hung in the home office of her Manila home. She relocated it here to help attract luck to her space, since peonies are a symbol of unity, charm, and wealth in Chinese culture.


If you’re looking for a chic, minimalist sofa that looks similar to Kim’s, check out the Rayen three-seater sofa from BLIMS Fine Furniture that's also available on Lazada. It’s upholstered in premium leather from Gruppo Mastrotto, which is a tannery known to be a world leader in leather production. It comes in four different colors, namely taupe, black, grey shadow, and dark brown. You also have the option of getting it as a two-seater sofa.

Price: P53,955 (available on Lazada and BLIMS Fine Furniture)



The wall next to the stairs is made of wood plastic composite (WPC) decking, which Kim also got from Poliwood Philippines. According to Home Atelier, WPC wall panels are made of wood fibers and plastic, making them highly durable and resistant to decay and moisture. They can also come in a variety of colors and textures.


At the top of the stairs is a spot that Kim refers to as the South Area. She chose to hang a painting of a peacock here, because it is a symbol of luck according to feng shui.

Dining Area

The dining area features a six-seater table, a small seating area, and a large painting of eight koi fish and the yin and yang, which she bought in Bangkok, Thailand. Kim incorporated shades of blue to this area, to help make it look “malamig sa mata.”


The dining area also has its own money tree, which Kim received as a gift from her feng shui master. Numerous ang pao (red envelopes) hang from this money tree. Throughout the year, Kim would put money into these envelopes, and at the end of the year, she would take the money and deposit it into her bank account. She would then start the process again at the start of the new year.


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Kitchen & Breakfast Nook


This breakfast nook is where Kim and her sister usually bond and have leisurely chats. The countertops are made of marble, which Kim chose specifically for its durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. The kitchen is also equipped with a functional dishwashing area, a stovetop and microwave, and a large refrigerator.


Create your own breakfast nook with the Pera Tel Bar Stool from Gentleprince B&T Design. It’s made of injection-molded polyurethane foam mounted on a sturdy metal structure, and the scoop-shaped seat guarantees maximum comfort. This stool is available in gray, red, and black.

Price: P7,545 per stool (available on Shopee)


Another item that might also come in handy is a high-quality microwave oven, just like the one in Kim’s kitchen. The MM22 BL 20-liter microwave oven from Fujidenzo has a Smart Wave system, which allows heat to transfer directly on the food and helps create faster cooking and quicker defrosting cycles. It also has a 30-minute timer, five power levels, and a modern and elegant design.

Price: P3,468 (available on Lazada); P3,398 (available on Shopee)



The third floor is home to five bedrooms and a balcony from which Kim gets the most exquisite view. She shares, “Parang nasa ibang planeta ako kapag nandito. Nakakapag-relax talaga ako, nakakapag-isip, tsaka na-se-center ko ‘yong sarili ko kasi ‘di ba, siyempre sobrang gulo, sobrang ang daming pressure, ang dami kong gustong mangyari sa buhay, pero ‘pag nandito ako, parang nag-po-pause and chill [ako].”


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