Building & Renovating

6 Ideas to Design a House with a Rooftop

If you're planning on redesigning your rooftop space, or just about to design a house that has one, here are some ways you can maximize your space

7 Design Ideas for a Two-Storey House

Need some fresh ideas as you design your house? These space-saving plans will help you get the most out of your two-storey build

Bungalow House Design Tips and Tricks to Maximize Space

Make the most out of your bungalow's space by applying these small-home ideas

Modern House Design Ideas for a Sleek New Home

Planning to go modern for your new home? Here are 5 modern home styles to jumpstart your ideas.

This Idyllic Bahay Kubo in Silang, Cavite Promotes Sustainability

The Understory offers an intimate farm-to-table dining experience

Thinking of Working on a DIY Makeover? Here Are ‘Magastos’ Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We asked interior designers Angelo Aguilar and Marc Laroco for helpful tips so you can steer clear of costly budols

How to Choose the Right Tiles, According to an Architect

Ceramic or porcelain? Aside from checking the price, make sure you go for the durable option.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Loft-Type Bed?

Architect Oliver Austria gives tips on what materials to use and how to measure your DIY piece

What You Need to Know About Building a Landslide-Proof House, According to an Architect

Architect Ed Urcia, the inventor behind the multi-awarded Prime Precast blocks, shares insights on how to build a house that can withstand heavy rains and flooding

This Burned-down Family Home is Now a Beautiful Greenhouse

Lots of plants breathed a new life to this 1970s house

Architect Shares a Design for a 78sqm Cozy and Flood-Proof Home

Just because you have a compact space doesn't mean it can't look and feel spacious

‘My Kapit-bahay Renovated Their House…Should I Renovate Mine, Too?’

When it comes to working on home improvement projects, knowing what to prioritize is important
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