24 of the Most Expensive Plants in the Philippines You Can Add to Your Garden

From P1, 500 to P80, 000!

Can you still recall your first plant purchase and how much you paid for it? In the early days of the plantita and plantito craze, green wonders are priced within the P100-P1000 price range, with some houseplants sold at P1000 or higher. Are you willing to pay more to complete your garden at home? In an article published on Philstarlife, horticulturist Boyet Ganigan revealed the BG regale sanseviera hybrid, a unique plant that was originally priced at P1 million. While Ganigan refuses to sell the plant, offers for it have reached P10 million, making it the most expensive plant in the Philippines. 

It’s no longer uncommon to see plants with hefty price tags these days, with a couple of celebrity plant parents sharing photos of their rare finds on social media. From Jinkee Pacquaio’s variegated alocasia plant to Aubrey Miles’s prized plant babies – we somehow have an idea of how expensive the rarest plants can be. 


What are the most expensive plants in the Philippines?

From the crowd-favorite Monstera and the picture-perfect Fiddle-leaf Fig, to the lovely Philodendron and striking Anthurium – the list features a variety of plants. In the same article on Philstarlife, Gerard Dy of Plant Papa PH explains that the reasons why some plants are priced steeper include its rarity, variegation, propagation, and of course, if it’s imported. While some plants are sold by the pot, the most exotic ones are prized per leaf. 

How much are you willing to spend on your plants? We’ve listed some of the most expensive plants in the Philippines you can buy from online shops below starting at P1, 500:

Raphidophora tetrasperma

P1,500, Qach Lifestyle & Garden

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Native to southern Thailand and Malaysia, this beauty has leaves that will remind you of the Monstera. It can thrive in an area with indirect sunlight and regular watering. Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering.

Licuala Grandis

P1, 500, Tierra Plants

Also known as the ruffled fan palm because of its leaves, the Licuala Grandis is a hardy plant that you can place in a corner with indirect or low light. Make sure the soil is dry before you water it again.


Bamboo Palm

P1, 500, Tierra Plants

One of the most common plants you can add to your home, the Bamboo Palm grows in moist soil and low light areas.

Philodendron Giganteum

P1, 500, Tierra Plants


Got an empty corner in your space that needs sprucing up? This giant of a houseplant can get the job done just remember to give it enough sunlight and keeping its soil moist.

Satin Pothos

P1, 800, Qach Lifestyle & Garden

Commonly seen on shelves and countertops, the Satin Pothos is a pretty houseplant known for its leaves. It can grow under indirect sunlight and don’t forget to dry out the soil first before watering.


Dracaena Anita

P2, 400, Shopleaf.ph

Its long narrow leaves leave a lasting impression without a doubt. Care for it by providing bright, filtered light and ensuring consistent watering. Be careful not to overwater it as it may cause the root to rot.

Fiddle-leaf Fig

P2, 500 – P3, 500 [price varies depending on size], Tierra Plants


If you spot a Fiddle-leaf Fig, best to purchase it as this gets sold out fast. Known for its distinct leaves, the Fiddle-leaf Fig thrives in humid environments, but if it’s hot, you can mist your plant. Do not overwater it and make sure you place it in a spot with indirect light.

Anthurium Black Love

P3, 000, Shopleaf.ph

An Anthurium hybrid, this green wonder has heart-shaped leaves with a striking color. Keep it healthy by letting the soil dry out between watering and placing it in an area with indirect sunlight.


Anthurium Magnificum

P4, 000, hardinerosmanila on Instagram

With its price depending on the number of leaves, it’s safe to say that this magnificent houseplant is one to watch. Bright, indirect light is a must as well as keeping its soil moist.

Rubber Tree Ruby

P4, 500, Shopleaf.ph


A variegated version, this is priced higher compared to the commonly seen Rubber Tree because of its tri-colored variegation. It will thrive under indirect light and when you water it when the top part of the soil is dry. Keep the soil damp and avoid overwatering.

Philodendron Gloriosum

P5, 000, hardinerosmanila on Instagram


Who can say no to this pretty houseplant? With its distinct leaf margins, a pot of Philodendron Gloriosum can look good in the living area or entryway. Keep it in a space with indirect light and don’t overwater your plant.

Mother Burle Marx

P6, 000, hardinerosmanila on Instagram

Air purifying and has narrow, glossy leaves, the Burle Marx requires bright but indirect light and a moist soil to be able to flourish.

Green Snake Plant

P6, 050, Shopleaf.ph

A Sansevieria variety, the Green Snake Plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that indirect sunlight and regular watering. Just make sure the soil is dry before you water it again.


Pilea peperomioides

P6, 500, Shopleaf.ph

Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, the Pilea peperomioides is a perennial herb that thrives in medium-bright indirect sunlight. To keep it healthy, it requires watering every one to two weeks, provided that the soil is dry in between.

Calathea orbifolia

P7, 000, Shopleaf.ph


Known for its ornamental leaves, the Calathea orbifolia is a species of the prayer plant that flourishes in partial shade and moist soil.

Pilea Mojito

P7, 000, Shopleaf.ph

A variegated version of the Chinese Money Plant, it also requires indirect sunlight and weekly watering to keep the soil moist. You can also mist its leaves to keep it shiny.


Anthurium clarinervium

P10, 000, Shopleaf.ph

The leaves with whitish veins are enough to convince you that you need a pot of Anthurium clarinervium in your home. Keep it healthy by avoiding overwatering and not placing it under direct sunlight.

Monstera Peru

P11, 000, Shopleaf.ph


Considered as a rare houseplant, the Monstera Peru is fast-growing with thick and stiff leaves. It appreciates well-draining soil and humid areas prompting some plant parents to keep it in the bathroom. To keep the leaves healthy, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

Philodendron Lisa

P15, 000,  Shopleaf.ph

This Philodendron is quite hard-to-find hence the price tag. It can survive in an area with medium light to bright indirect light, but make sure not to put it under the sun to avoid the browning of leaves. It’s also a must to keep the soil and roots wet.

Variegated Alocasia Plant

P18, 000 – 20, 000


The exceptional elephant ear plant is considered a must-have because of its beautiful leaves and height. This plant also needs bright, indirect light and a moist soil to grow.

Philodendron Scandens

18, 000, Shopleaf.ph

This heartleaf Philodendron is guaranteed to make you fall in love – with its leaves and how low-maintenance it is. Allow the soil to dry between waterings and make sure it enjoys moderate to bright indirect light.


Monstera Albo

P60, 000, Shopleaf.ph

Variegated Monsteras are rare and spotting one means it’s your lucky day. To keep this unique houseplant thriving, keep it in a room with low light and make sure the top of the soil is dry in between watering schedules.

Caramel Marble Philodendron


P80, 000

Considered as sought-after Philodendron, the Caramel Marble has leaves with the pretties of colors – from orange and red, to pink and green. This plant thrives in moist soil and in a well-lit space. 

*currently unavailable in stores

Monstera adansonii variegated

estimated at P100, 000 to P300, 000

Often referred to as Swiss Cheese because of the holes on the leaves, this plant thrives in well-draining soil and an area that gets a ton of sunlight. Remember to avoid overwatering to keep it healthy.


*currently unavailable in stores

* * *

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