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Ask the Pros: Can Filipinos with Foreign Citizenship Still Own Real Estate Properties in the Philippines?

While foreign nationals are not allowed to own real properties in the Philippines, there are exceptions and limitations to be kept in mind

Ask the Pros: Can I Build a House on Agricultural Land?

If you're buying land, it's best to know its classification first

Be A Homeowner Now! All You Need to Know About Pag-IBIG Housing Loans

You can get your dream home at an affordable cost

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in a Condo Unit Now

You can take advantage of move-in ready units and big discounts

Ask the Pros: What Happens to a Deceased Person’s Properties?

We asked a lawyer about extrajudicial settlement of estate and how properties are divided among heirs

Ask the Pros: How Does Marriage Affect Property Ownership?

Does your spouse instantly become a co-owner of the properties you own? We asked a lawyer for general information.

Ask the Pros: How Do You Transfer a Land Title in the Philippines?

It could take months and you will be required to submit around 10 to 15 documents as part of the process

Ask the Pros: What Taxes Do I Need to Pay if I Want to Buy or Sell Property?

The list of applicable taxes differs depending on the mode of transfer

Ask the Pros: Can Live-In Partners Co-Own Properties?

A lawyer shares general information you need to know about cohabitation and property ownership

Who Will Pay the Estate Taxes When the Property Owner Dies?

Will the heirs be required to pay the estate taxes? We asked lawyers for tips.
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