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Yeng Constantino's Dream Beach House in Zambales

Their vision is coming to life.

Discover the idyllic retreat of singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino: a bespoke beach house in Zambales that epitomizes her dreams and aspirations. This article delves into the journey of Yeng and her husband, Victor "Yan" Asuncion, from envisioning to realizing their perfect vacation spot by the sea.

A Dream Turned Reality: Yeng's Beach House

Yeng Constantino, a name synonymous with vibrant music and passionate artistry, has added a new dimension to her life—a beach house that stands as a testament to her dreams and a sanctuary for her family. The journey began shortly after Yeng and Victor tied the knot in 2015, with a clear vision of owning a beachfront property.

The Vision and Planning Stage

Initially, the couple's plan was modest—a simple abode by the sea. However, as they progressed, their aspirations grew, leading to a more elaborate design. They envisioned a space that would not only serve as a retreat but also as a tangible asset for their future.


Investing in the Future

Yeng's insight into the ephemeral nature of fame drove her to invest wisely in tangible assets. The beach house is not merely a luxury but a strategic investment, ensuring security and comfort for her family in the years to come.

The Architectural Marvel: Design and Features

The Constantino-Asuncion beach house, nestled in Botolan, Zambales, is a 1,250 square-meter marvel that boasts an array of impressive features designed to offer the ultimate relaxation experience.

Interior and Exterior Design

Yeng and Victor played a significant role in the design process, infusing their personal style and preferences into the property. The use of scrap wood as decorative elements showcases their creativity and commitment to sustainability. Aside from these, other piece of functional and decorative pieces can be found in each room, and of them sourced from local suppliers.

Accommodation and Amenities

The beach house can comfortably accommodate up to 24 guests, featuring six air-conditioned bedrooms, an outdoor dining area, an infinity pool, and direct beach access. These amenities provide a perfect setting for family gatherings and special occasions.

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Future Plans: Rental Possibilities and Naming

While Yeng and Victor have not yet explored the option of renting out their beach house, the idea remains a possibility for the future. Additionally, the couple is contemplating naming the property "Agoho" after the pine trees that surround it.

The Creative Process: Building the Dream

The construction of the beach house began in 2019 and was completed in 2020. Yeng and Victor drew inspiration from various sources, including Pinterest, and added their unique touch to the property.

The design of the beach house incorporates natural elements, reflecting the couple's appreciation for the environment and their desire for a harmonious living space.

Yeng Constantino's beach house in Zambales is more than a property; it is a manifestation of dreams, hard work, and a deep understanding of life's priorities. It stands as a reminder that with determination and wise investments, one can create a lasting legacy and a haven for future generations.


Tips to Get Started With Your Own Beach House

If you're interested to have a beach house of your own in the future, consider the tips below:

Dream and Set Goals

Just like Yeng Constantino, start by listing your dreams and goals. If owning a beach house is on top of your list, envision what you want it to be like. List down the details as accurately as you can. If possible, also include your wants and needs to make visualization easier for you. It will also help you transition more smoothly towards the next steps. Just remember to list down what you want with a realistic viewpoint.


Scout and Acquire the Property

Look for a suitable property, considering factors like location, size, and proximity to the beach. Each family has their unique needs and wants. Base your specifications on the things you listed down during the previous step. Are there any properties that suit these?

Plan and Design

Decide on the style and design of your beach house. Yeng chose a Scandinavian design with minimalist fixtures from local shops and some DIY elements to personalize the look and feel of the place.

Build with Purpose

Consider the needs of your family and future plans when building the house. Think about how many bedrooms you will need and how the space will be used.

Invest Wisely

Be strategic with your finances, especially if you are in a profession with an unpredictable income, as Yeng mentioned. If you can't spend on the beach house in one go, consider making developments in small increments to soften the financial blow along the way.


Enjoy and Expand

Start simple and allow your beach house to grow organically. Yeng and her husband Yan initially wanted a simple structure but allowed it to expand during the building process.

Future Considerations

While the beach house might be for family use initially, keep open the possibility of using it as a vacation rental in the future, as Yeng and Yan are considering.