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This OFW Couple Built a Modern, Stylish Hot Spring Resort in Los Baños

It's the perfect location for a getaway with family and friends.

Photography: Courtesy of Audrey Rose Domingo

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For OFWs Audrey Rose Domingo and her husband, having their own resort property was a lifelong dream. In an email interview with RealLiving.com.ph, she shared that Casa Sentosa Hot Spring Resort was her husband’s brainchild and that he had a clear vision of what he wanted it to look like. More specifically, he wanted it to be a unique and homey space that would allow guests to truly relax.

The couple began bringing their dream project to life by scouting other hot spring resorts in Los Baños and Calamba for design inspiration. They also looked at places in Singapore, where they are currently based, for ideas on current trends. Once they had acquired a lot in Los Baños, they started building Casa Sentosa Hot Spring Resort with the help of their contractor, Cincha Builders.


Because Audrey and her husband are based overseas, they were not able to visit the construction site as often as they wanted. But through communication and good rapport with their contractor, as well as regular updates from their parents who regularly dropped by the site, the couple were eventually able to achieve the property they had long been imagining.

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Weather played a major part in the design and construction of Casa Sentosa Hot Spring Resort. Because the weather in the Philippines tends to be hot and humid, especially during the summer, the couple wanted the property to have an open concept to achieve a breezy atmosphere. This also ended up improving the ventilation in the space.

Audrey and her husband also wanted the resort to look luxurious. She shared, “We wanted to create that feeling that our guests are on vacation, so the design is not exactly like the usual house designs around the area. In this way, our guests will feel that they are vacationing in another place other than their homes.”

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One distinct feature of Casa Sentosa is the giant V design on the exterior. That’s no coincidence—it was placed there to symbolize the sense of victory that the owners felt about completing this property. “We felt that whenever we see this part of the house, this reminds us how we managed to build this place from our sacrifices of working hard abroad while being away from our children,” Audrey wrote.

Living Area


Most of the furniture used in this property were purchased from GC Rattan Outdoor Furniture Philippines. Audrey shared that because she and her husband are currently based in Singapore, they initially had issues with selecting which materials and pieces to use because they only got to see them in pictures. The couple then ended up having to make decisions based on the recommendations of their contractor. Thankfully, the choices they made really work for the space.

Dining Areas


The dining areas feature long tables that are perfect for having a salu-salo with family and friends. Guests who enjoy videoke sessions will also have a blast with the TV and entertainment system.

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The U-shaped layout of the kitchen allows for maximized storage and counter space, so guests will have plenty of room to move while prepping meals. (Click here for more handy tips to achieve efficient design for your kitchen.)

Ceiling and Wall Design


The owners put a lot of thought into every design element found in this property, and it’s evident in the lighting pieces and wall accents they used. “We wanted this to be special as well as this is a busy part of the house,” Audrey said. “We wanted this to be a good sight to see each time the guests use the stairs.”




There are several bedrooms at Casa Sentosa, some of which are furnished with bunk beds to accommodate larger groups. As for the suite room, in particular, Audrey and her husband wanted to exude the feel of a room in a five-star hotel, so they incorporated elements like gold sheets, wooden furniture, and quaint lighting pieces. The beds were constructed by the contractor, while the mattresses were sourced from Uratex Philippines.

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The owners’ vision of a luxe hotel is evident even in the bathrooms, which are all clean and well appointed. (Need more tips to give your T&B a relaxing, spa-like look? Check this out.)

Entertainment Area

The entertainment area is the perfect place to chill if you want to stay indoors. It is furnished with a pool table, a foosball table, plenty of seating, a high-end sound system, and large windows that let in natural light.


Another special feature of this space is the ceiling design, which is similar to the ones in other parts of the property. Audrey revealed that she and her husband coordinated closely with their contractor to make sure the ceilings would look one-of-a-kind—and they definitely succeeded.

Pool Area



Of course, no Pinoy resort is complete without a pool. The pool at Casa Sentosa is huge and spacious, with a slide that is sure to make swimming even more fun. Audrey and her husband intentionally added a large pool because swimming is usually a main consideration for guests. If you want to sunbathe or chat with your loved ones, there are also different seating areas you can hang out in.


One major change the owners made to this property was the addition of this terrace overlooking the pool. According to Audrey, constructing this was not part of their original plan, but they eventually asked the contractor to build it because her husband wanted to give guests more areas to unwind. “Most of our guests [love] this place because it is very relaxing, and you can see the whole swimming pool and building from here,” she wrote.

For more information, check out Casa Sentosa Hot Spring Resort on Facebook and Instagram.

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