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5 Budget-Friendly Makeover Tips To Revamp Your Tiny Home

Discover 5 budget-friendly tips from expert architects Richard Manlulu Garcia and Gianne Borlongan.

In the most recent episode of Real Living’s Masterclass, we’ll delve into the inspiring renovation of a 36-square-meter home in Naga City, Bicol by architect Chenlee Menes. Architects Richard Manlulu Garcia and Gianne Borlongan will guide us through the journey of transforming this tiny home into a modern gem with a distinct and contemporary exterior despite the deteriorated state of the house. Here are the top tips from the video:


1. Play with Lighting and Mood

One notable aspect of the renovation is the clever use of lighting. By incorporating both uplights and downlights, the architects created a captivating ambiance that enhances the modern aesthetic. The overall effect is a grand appearance that defies the constraints of its small size. Through skillful design choices, the house appears more spacious and exudes a sense of grandeur.

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2. Consider Materiality and Warmth

To achieve a balance between the coolness of modern design and the desired warmth, the architects carefully selected materials. They incorporated a combination of cement and wood, incorporating a soft touch into the overall design. Warm colors were introduced through various elements, ensuring that the house felt inviting and cozy. Wood, in particular, played a significant role in adding warmth and a tropical touch to the space.


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3. Utilize Space Efficiently

Despite the limited space, the architects divided the home into three functional zones: the living/dining area, bedroom, and bathroom. The open-plan concept was employed to maximize space and create a sense of openness commonly seen in condominium designs. By strategically placing mirrors in smaller spaces, they were able to visually expand the area, adding depth and a feeling of spaciousness.


4. Embrace Perpendicularity and Height

An important requirement from the homeowner was to conceal the roof, giving the house a sleek and boxy appearance. To achieve this, the architects strategically designed the roof to be hidden from view, creating a more imposing presence. Additionally, vertical patterns were incorporated to add a sense of height and grandness. The increased ceiling height not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves natural ventilation, ensuring a comfortable living environment.


5. Enhance Protection and Security

Considering the house's location in the typhoon-prone Bicol region, the architects prioritized protection and security. A storm shutter was incorporated into the design, providing both functionality and flexibility. The storm shutter not only offers protection during typhoons but also serves as a changeable design element, allowing the homeowner to adapt the appearance of the house over time. The shutter can be closed from both the inside and outside, adding an extra layer of security when needed.


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Watch episode 3 or Real Living masterclass where architects Richard and Gianne take a look into a sustainable home that stands out in Alabang.

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