A Bright, Scandinavian-Inspired Condo Home for a Young Family of 3

Interior designer Angelo Aguilar came up with a clean and uplifting aesthetic that's perfect for the owners' first home

Photography: Arvin Ramos Interior Designer: IDr. Angelo Aguilar

A first home is always special, especially when you’ve marked many milestones within the four walls of the space. This 45sqm, two-bedroom condo unit serves as a couple’s first home and it’s where they welcomed their first baby.

"Since the baby came, the house always looked messy because of the toys and things we’ve accumulated. We also started working from home, so work essentials added to the clutter," the owners share.


To transform their space, the owners asked interior designer Angelo Aguilar for a light, airy, and functional look with mostly white and cool tones. Angelo fulfilled these requirements and more by making sure there was enough storage space, designating the work areas for the couple, and properly maximizing other areas.

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Take a peek inside the 45sqm Scandinavian-inspired condo unit below:

Living Area

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Upon entrance to the unit, one of the first things that stands out is the integrated workspace and entertainment area that runs the width of the wall. To address this, the designer maximized one wall and divided it into three areas, the leftmost side of which serves as the wife's work area

At the center is the electric organ table, with a foldable top lid so they can easily access the organ.


The rightmost part of the area is the entertainment cabinet with drawer storage that houses the TV. "To maximize the storage, we also incorporated a combination of hanging cabinets with T5 lights underneath and an open shelving unit. The vertical wood panel serves as the wall feature for the entire living area," explains Angelo.


Neutral-colored pieces define the seating area, with a plush sofa bed taking up space. Since the owners have a baby, Angelo made sure the space was flexible enough to be used as a play area while still being easy to clean and organize. The designer turned one corner into a kiddie storage center where toys can be kept while also avoiding adding furniture pieces with sharp corners.

Above the sofa bed are ledges where framed photographs are displayed.

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Dining Area


Taking into consideration the available space, the designer decided to create a counter-height dining table, then paired it with counter chairs that the owners bought online. "Aside from the pendant lights, a vertical wood panel serves as an accent while also creating an illusion of a high ceiling," adds Angelo.



Compact and well-organized, the kitchen features refurbished kitchen cabinets with wood laminated doors and a herringbone-patterned backsplash. To maximize the available space, the washing machine is concealed under the kitchen cabinets. Angelo also had additional hanging cabinets installed to serve as extra storage.

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Master Bedroom


Storage is key in any home. To make sure there’s enough storage space in the bedroom, Angelo decided to bring in a customized bed frame. "We designed a raised platform bed with drawer storage where luggage and other essentials can be kept. The padded headboard was also customized," the designer shares.


At the foot of the bed is a slim storage unit and extra hanging cabinets. Near the window are open shelves where their baby’s books are displayed.

Home Office/Second Bedroom

The smaller bedroom in the unit serves as the man of the house’s office. Since this will be the baby’s future bedroom, the designer made sure the color palette is neutral and that the space is completed with a loft bed (not seen in the photo).


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Angelo incorporated display shelves into the final look of the home office since the owner is a toy collector and he has many toys. Meanwhile, the bench near the window follows a trunk style so that it can also moonlight as storage space.


The steps going up to the loft bed double as additional storage nooks.

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"The owners requested a hanging cabinet and wall shelves for storage. Since these are already existing and we want to highlight them in the space, we changed the colors of the walls to make it look like they are accents," explains the interior designer.

Click here to watch a video tour of the condo unit.

Interested to work with IDr. Angelo Aguilar? You can get in touch with him through email at acga.designs[at] You can also follow ACGA Designs on Facebook and subscribe to ACGA Designs’ Youtube Channel.

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