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Here Are 7 Hotel-Like Bedsheets You Can Buy Online

Invest in your sleep and add these to your cart.

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We all need good sleep to get enough energy for our busy days. One way to get a restful and restorative slumber is by furnishing your bed with comfy and soft sheets. Thankfully, you don’t need to look too far to get just that when there are many options online that can get you that staycation-quality deep sleep for a fraction of the price. Check out some of them below:

1. Linen & Homes Bamboo Starter 3-Piece Sheet Set

P3,358 on Shopee and Lazada. Linen & Homes products are also available on Rustan's.


In a tropical country like the Philippines, bamboo sheets are suitable because they are lightweight and help regulate temperature. Moreover, bamboo sheets wick moisture from the skin, which makes them perfect for those who sweat at night.

If you feel like investing in bamboo bedsheets, definitely check out this three-piece starter set from Linen & Homes. The Filipino brand's signature product is hypoallergenic sheets made from bamboo viscose. This set is an ideal choice for first-time homeowners or those just starting to invest in better sleep. It also comes in five different sizes (twin, full, queen, king, and Cali King) and various designs and colors.

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2. Doyle & Furnham Starter Set

P2,515 on Shopee and Lazada

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Another Filipino brand that creates exquisite, high-quality bedding is Doyle & Furnham. They're a newly launched segment of the company Premium Linen, a supplier of beddings to hotels and other establishments like Victoria Court and St. Luke’s Medical Center. If you're just starting out as a homeowner, or if you want to begin your journey towards better, more comfortable sleep, this set is one option you can consider. You can get the set in a solid white color or in different prints. You can also choose between two pillowcase sizes (small or large).

3. Home de Luxe Hotel Collection 3-in-1 Bedsheet Set

P2,699 to P3,779 on Shopee and Lazada


Do you want a luxurious, hotel-like sleep experience? Look no further than Home de Luxe. They specialize in linens and pillows that are locally made through their partnership with Globalinens, which supplies to various top hotels in the Philippines. The Home de Luxe Hotel Collection 3-in-1 Bedsheet Set is a premium choice for soft and comfy—but also very durable—sheets.

The set comes in four sizes (single/twin, double/full, queen, and king). It also has a 500 thread count, which means it is likely to wear well or even soften over time. Plus, it's anti-wrinkle, anti-fading, and machine-washable, so it's relatively low-maintenance for something you use every day.

4. Angbon 3-in-1 Elegant Design Bedsheet Set

P250 on Shopee


Enthusiasts of the black-and-white or minimalist aesthetic will love this 3-in-1 bedsheet set from Angbon. You can choose from as many as 24 simple but trendy monochromatic designs—from clean gridlines, to geometric shapes, to classy patterns reminiscent of marble. Over 10,000 units of this item have been sold on Shopee, and it has garnered very positive reviews from over 10,000 people.

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5. Socone 3-in-1 Fitted Bedsheet Set

P219 on Shopee


Are you a fan of intricate details and floral prints? This 3-in-1 fitted bedsheet set from Socone comes in a myriad of flower and leaf prints, feather designs, and even polka dots—a great idea if you want to inject some color and whimsy into your bedroom.

6. Joyce & Diana 3-in-1 Printed Bedsheet Set

P479 to P719 on Shopee


Joyce & Diana creates bedsheets and linens that are breathable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Fun fact: They've actually been supplying their products to more than 500 department stores for over 15 years. Their sheets also come in many different designs, including florals, stripes, and abstract prints, so there’s one for every preference. This 3-in-1 printed bedsheet set is a good place to start for a budget-friendly investment in comfortable sleep.

7. Dofia 3-in-1 Hotel Quality Fitted Bedsheet Set

P369 to P399 on Shopee


Looking for bedsheets with a cute, youthful design? Check out this 3-in-1 fitted bedsheet set from Dofia. These lightweight sheets are designed using reactive printing so they're easy to wash and can resist color fading over time. Moreover, the sheet fibers absorb sweat well and wick moisture quickly.

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