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Where to Buy Towel Warmers for Php5,000 or Less

It's a worthy addition to your dream hotel-like bathroom

Photography: from Lazada and Shopee

If you often stay in hotels, chances are, you’ve used a towel warmer and fell in love with it. Considered as a luxurious bathroom accessory, this essential comes in handy to keep towels clean and dry to avoid that musty or “amoy kulob” smell.

Camille Prats-Yambao, whose new home we featured on the website, considers a towel warmer a non-negotiable in the bathroom so she made sure the T&Bs in their house have it. If you also want to add this fixture in your own private space, you might be wondering where you can look for affordable options. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly choices available on some of our favorite online shopping apps.


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Remember, before you make any purchase, make sure you compare features, do your research, and take it consideration the reviews of those who bought the same item.

6 towel warmers you can buy online:

Aluminum Electric Heating Towel Rack Shelf with Top Shelf Hooks

Featuring a carbon fiber heating method, this warmer consumes less energy while offering fast-drying. What’s great about this option is you have a shelf on top where you can keep new towels. There are also hooks where you can hang hand towels and loofahs.


Price: Php1,421, Available on Shopee

Boxing Sterilizing Smart Towel Dryer

Energy-saving and waterproof, this option promises quality drying, dehumidification, and sterilization at 55 degrees Celsius.

Price: Php2,999, Available on Lazada

OEM Electric Bath Towel Warmer, Rotatable, Digital Display Function

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Ideal for compact bathrooms, this wall-mounted type is made of aluminum and available in black or white.

Price: Php3,271, Available on Lazada

S-Shape Freestanding Electric Towel Rack

If you have the luxury of space, you may opt for this towel rack perfect for big towels. Since you need to plug it, it’s best placed in a corner that’s far from the shower area. Aside from adding one in the bathroom, you can also look into placing one in your kitchen for hand towels.


Price: Php3,549, Available on Shopee

Foldable Electric Towel Rack

A space-saving option, this rack can be folded away when not in use and also consumes 1kWh every 12 hours. Aside from the two tiers where towels can be dried, it also has a shelf on top where hand towels, fresh towels, and bathrobes can be placed.


Price: Php4,629 – Php4,769, Available on Shopee

OEM 55 degrees-celsius Thermostatic Towel Dryer Shelf

If you have extra budget to spare, you may want to consider going for this electric towel rack that features one-click control and timed heating. An energy-saving option, it’s also waterproof and guarantees quick drying.


Price: Php5,100, Available on Lazada


Have you recently purchased a towel warmer? What did you buy and how’s the experience so far? Message us on Facebook and we’d love to hear your stories!

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