A Homey Scandinavian-Inspired 33sqm Condo Unit for 4 Siblings

IDr. Monica Eres maximized the small space that will serve as the children's home while studying in Manila

Photography: OLA Interior Photography Interior Designer: IDr. Monica Eres of Monica Eres Design Studio

It may seem challenging to turn a compact 33sqm unit into a home for four siblings, but with proper space planning, it’s possible. Interior designer Monica Eres reveals: "My client requested a clean and minimalist space that could accommodate her four children who will reside in Manila while attending school."

To make the unit look bigger than it really is, the designer chose to work with the Scandinavian style, mostly using whites, grays, and tans to spruce up the areas. Monica also made sure each area was functional and inviting. "I had to prioritize a few areas and make it multipurpose at the same time," she adds.

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Take a peek inside the 33sqm one-bedroom unit below:



The unit opens up to the kitchen on the right with a small white cabinet serving as storage for shoes and other knickknacks. Monica extended the overhead kitchen cabinets to add more storage and prevent dust from piling up.

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To elevate the look of the one-wall kitchen, the designer paired the Calacatta synthetic quartz countertop with a tempered glass backsplash. Meanwhile, the base cabinets were retained but the doors were re-laminated to match the overall look of the space and make it look cleaner.

There’s enough space for the users to move around freely in the area. The black kitchen sink and faucet work in contrast with the white countertop and cabinets.


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Dining and Living Areas

In front of the door is the dining area, with a customized bar table made of synthetic quartz. Upholstered chairs with wooden legs complete the setup.

Dining Area


When the siblings aren’t eating, they can use the dining area as a study nook. Above the table is a framed mirror with two wall lamps to help create the illusion of a bigger space. A carpet with geometric patterns visually separates the living area from the dining nook

Living Area


A combination of sheer and blackout curtains dresses up the window, giving the owners the option to let in natural light during the daytime.

With comfort in mind, the designer furnished the space with a sofa bed to give the siblings an extra sleeping space. "We asked Furniture Blanco to customize the sofa bed for us," says Monica.


A natural oak laminate also functions as an accent wall behind the TV, with fluted panels adding depth. To avoid clutter, storage cabinets were added below and above the TV as well.


To maximize vertical space, the designer installed built-in shelves near the living area, allowing the owners to display books, décor pieces, and photos.

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To accommodate the four siblings, the design team decided to furnish the bedroom with a bunk bed with a pull-out. "We also added wall lamps in case someone wants to read without bothering the others," Monica explains.


A study area complete with a drawer and overhead cabinets takes up space beside the bed, making it easier for the owners to catch up on schoolwork while also having enough space for school essentials.


The closet is placed in front of the door and is paired with an open shelf. The designer explains that the decorative pieces are kept to a minimum in order to create an open, airy space that can provide the siblings with a sense of peace.

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Following the aesthetic of the rest of the unit, the bathroom features an all-white look, with tiles that mirror those used in the other common areas sprucing up the walls and the counter. A glass shower enclosure separates the shower area from the sink and toilet.


Aside from the overhead cabinets and an open shelf, there’s also a mirrored cabinet where toiletries and other belongings can be stored.

Interested to work with IDr. Monica Eres? You can get in touch with her through email at interiorsbymonicaeres[at] You can also follow her on Facebook:

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