A Stunning Resort-Like Family Home in Alabang

Design consultant Euzon John Catayong elevated the execution of the modern tropical style to suit the spacious property

Photography: Gio Oliva Design Consultant: Euzon John Catayong | Decor By Style Studio Imagineering Inc.

One of the challenges of working on big homes is making sure they remain cozy while highlighting their spaciousness. In renovating this family home, design consultant Euzon John Catayong of Décor by Style Studio Imagineering Inc. had to take into consideration the requirements of the owners while also making sure each area is well-maximized and has a story to tell.

"We made the most of the space, but we didn’t exaggerate. We were able to maintain the calm ambiance that matches the timeless style, which is why I call this project "The Serene House," Euzon explains.

Despite the challenges they encountered, Euzon and his team were able to deliver a polished modern tropical home in just six months.

"We worked with the design team to ensure that we’re able to achieve a functional, cozy, and inviting home. We were also intentional in the selection of the furniture and décor. When it was put together, we were pleased to find that all areas had a purpose and function. We find joy in each room, and that’s what we love best about our new home," the owners say.

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Take a peek inside this resort-like family home in Alabang:



The home’s exterior features a combination of glass, wood, and concrete materials. From the outside, you can already get that resort-like vibe because plants complete the look. According to Euzon, the structure was already there when they worked on the interior renovation.

Main Door

Warm and inviting best describe the entrance of the home, which highlights the use of wood.


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The entryway is kept simple with a plant and a seating piece on one side and a grand piano taking up space on the right.

High Ceiling

One of the home’s main features is the high ceiling, which allowed Euzon to decorate with captivating hanging light pieces. The glass railing adds to the openness of the house and works well with the tropical style.

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Living Area


The owners love the living area, and they have been maximizing it since they moved in. "We’ve held game nights, movie nights, and meaningful conversations here," they share.

In completing the living area, Euzon used light earth tones that complement the existing wood structure of the house. "We incorporated an Italian stone slab as an accent for the entertainment wall, not only to serve as a focal point but to complement the patterned rug as well," the design consultant explains.

Relaxing in the living area will surely be a treat. An L-type sofa maximizes the space while also leaving enough room for a center table, a couple of comfy poufs, and a brown-colored accent chair. The owners can easily open the blinds near the pool area so they can get a calming view.

Dining Area

The owners have always wanted to have a big dining space where they can enjoy meals and entertain friends. "Guests naturally felt at home in this space without noticing that it's a formal dining space," they say.

Since there are windows and glass sliding doors near the dining area, it’s bathed in natural light.


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"I incorporated a modern chandelier to illuminate the space at night as well as to highlight the Italian marble dining table. The focal wall is the dark gray wall tile cladding flanked by a black fluted wall," explains Euzon. Mounted on the wall is a TV that looks like an artwork when not in use. An abaca rug anchors the entire area.


The kitchen is modern, functional, and equipped with essential appliances. According to Euzon, he did minimal work in the area. The design consultant added the brown bar stools to create an instant breakfast nook and make the island more functional.

Modular cabinets and storage solutions add to the sleek appeal of the kitchen. With spacious countertops, the owners can prepare meals easily and even welcome guests here for quick catch-ups.


Glass sliding doors separate the kitchen from the dining area. The owners have the option to close off the cooking area if they have celebrations or keep it open if they’re expecting many visitors.


Euzon accessorized the pantry by bringing in locally made storage essentials. Choosing to use similar woven baskets keeps the aesthetic cohesive and easy on the eyes.

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Everyday Kitchen

Aside from the formal kitchen, the house also has an auxiliary kitchen in the basement. The area has quartz countertops as the material is known for its durability. Meanwhile, white subway tiles serve as a backsplash, a modern element that brightens up the area.

Home Office

The home office has an industrial-meets-modern aesthetic. "Industrial design is special as it gives a unique atmosphere, as the vibe can help you stay motivated while also enjoying the energetic ambiance," shares the design consultant.


It also has access to the veranda, allowing the owners to take quick breaks in between work deadlines. The cowhide rug and existing Narra floor tone down the concrete-finished walls. To allow the owners to work efficiently, Euzon furnished the space with a leather office chair, lounge chairs, and built-in wall shelving.


A stunning red metal sculpture defines the staircase area, further highlighting the home’s high ceiling. "It can be seen from the outside, the foyer, and even from the family area. It’s an Instagram-worthy wall," Euzon muses.

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Family Area

According to the owners, having a family area is a first for them, as they used to live in a condo unit. They love how cozy and airy it is. One of its accent pieces is the off-white half-moon lounge chair, which softens up the overall vibe of the space.

Master Bedroom

Black and dark accent pieces complete the spacious master bedroom. Euzon kept the walls almost bare to maintain the luxe, hotel-like feel. The Italian stone slab behind the bed is a captivating element that elevates the look of the room.


The TV area is kept sleek, with enough compartments to avoid clutter. There’s also extra LED lighting that adds a warm glow to the bedroom. At the far right corner is a compact work corner where the owners can keep their personal gadgets.

The room has enough seating pieces where the owners can read or lounge before calling it a day. Beside the bed, there is a massage chair where they can spend a few precious minutes before bedtime.

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Master Bathroom

The en-suite T&B is reminiscent of a hotel bathroom with its spacious counter, bathtub, and enclosed shower area. Euzon opted to use clean color combinations to maintain the posh vibe.


Above the bathtub are bubble-like pendant lights that add a quirky feel to the space. "We furnished it with wooden side tables and tropical plants to finish the modern resort-like look," the design consultant adds.

Walk-in Closet

A panoramic walk-in closet completed with mirrors and white glass can also be accessed from the master bedroom. Given the number of storage compartments, the owners have enough room to store clothes, shoes, and bags.

Bedroom 1

While Euzon worked with a tropical style in mind, he exercised creativity in sprucing up the bedrooms. In this private space, he mixed contemporary and Asian-inspired touches to create a calming refuge.

Complementing the pastel-colored soft furnishings are the turquoise-hued bed frame and the solihiya details on the furniture. Beside the bed is a multipurpose corner that can function as a workspace or vanity area.


By the window is a built-in display cabinet where collections, accessories, and other décor pieces can be kept.

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Bedroom 2

Compared to the previous bedroom, this one has a Boho-inspired touch with soft gray walls and wainscoting detail. "Wainscoting is a timeless design element that can be mixed with various accessories and furniture pieces," says Euzon.

The wainscoting detail in this bedroom is combined with a mix of country and contemporary furniture and accessories to create a comfortable yet luxurious atmosphere.

Euzon also added an accent wallpaper on the ceiling to separate it from the rest of the bedrooms.



All of the bathrooms in this house are spacious, with generous countertops and enclosed shower areas that ensure a relaxing bath experience.

Guest Bedroom

The goal for the guest bedroom is to create a hotel-like ambiance that visitors will appreciate. The design consultant combined a padded leather headboard with fluted wall cladding to achieve a contemporary look.

"This bedroom has all the amenities—from a sleek entertainment area to a modern walk-in closet," shares Euzon.

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With a gym as spacious and equipped as this, there’s no need for the owners to file for memberships. Euzon opted to have a white wall to serve as a backdrop for the workout essentials.

Laundry Area


According to the design consultant, the owners requested an IG-worthy laundry area. He delivered just that by creating a bright and welcoming space where you can easily forget you’re working on a chore.

It has white subway tiles as a backsplash and accented black mosaic tiles to break the monotony of the space. A tan-colored leather ottoman serves as accent furniture, allowing the owners to stay comfortable while doing the laundry. Completing the area are the lit floating shelves where laundry essentials can be kept.

Pool Area

What better way to complete a resort-like home than with a swimming pool? The outdoor area has a deck where the owners can soak up some sun before taking a refreshing dip.

One corner of the pool area has a shower, so they can easily rinse off without going inside the house.

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Boho-style furniture pieces and accessories complete the charming patio where the owners and their guests can relax. "The chosen pieces complement the contemporary architecture. This is a favorite for family gatherings and bonding sessions," says Euzon.

At Night on the Patio

The design consultant also made sure the area was well-lit at night, with downlights and wall sconces adding a glow as soon as the sun sets.


A beautifully landscaped garden completes the home and gives the owners another area where they can recharge. Since the house has sliding doors opening to the outdoor areas, they can easily step outside to get a breath of fresh air.

Interested to work with design consultant Euzon John Catayong? You can get in touch with him through email at ej_catayong[at] You can also call him at (0915) 726-9995.

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