A Family of 5 Lives in This 32sqm Condo Unit

With the help of inter designer Angelica Fua, the owners transformed the compact space into an inviting halfway home

Need a Break from #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti? This 56sqm Condo Introduces #TeamBrownandGray

Interior designer Jeselyn Chuan used sandstone as inspiration for the unit's color palette to create a contemporary space that's glam yet cozy

This 40sqm Studio Unit Will Remind You of Brooklyn, New York

IDr. Geoffrey Campomanes of Camp Disenyo expertly turned the 40sqm space into a cool and modern home reminiscent of boutique shops

Small Space Hacks Make this 23sqm Studio Unit Look Bigger

Tinybean Interior came up with a flawless design that allows the owner to work, sleep, and entertain friends in a compact space

This One-Bedroom Condo Unit Has Its Own Mini Loft

With proper space planning, design consultant Euzon John Catayong was able achieve a relaxing home and deliver the convertible bedroom the owner wanted

Glass Partitions Open Up This 60sqm Condo

Following the principle of Yin and Yang, interior designer Jeselyn Chuan created a modern weekend home

A Five-Star 55sqm Condo Unit for a Balikbayan

To fully enjoy the fruits of her labor, the owner requested for a luxurious, hotel-like home in the Philippines

Feel Zen Inside This Bright and Calming Studio Unit

Measuring 26sqm, the compact space is completed with a Muji-inspired color palette and customized furniture

A Lawyer’s Mancave-Like Studio Unit

Interior designer Kenj So brought his expertise and trademark industrial style into the compact space with flair

A Play of Light and Shadow in This Brutalist-Inspired 105sqm Condo Unit

Having an architect as a father, Dennis Perez enjoys creating visual stories, and this appreciation culminates in a home that showcases the brutalist style that he loves, softened by his personal touches.

This Condo Home Proves You Can Use Dark Colors in a Small Space

Design consultant Euzon John Catayong delivers a unit with a bold aesthetic and elegant appeal

Luxurious Finishes Complete This Three-Bedroom Condo Unit

Interior designer Claudine Medina delivered a modern luxe home by working with neutral colors, velvet fabrics, and metallic finishes
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