A Cute and Cozy 28sqm Japandi-Inspired Condo in Makati City

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In renovating this 28sqm condo unit, Tinybean Interior took inspiration from the functional elegance of Japanese-inspired interiors and the minimalism of Scandinavian design. The combination of these two, more popularly known as the Japandi style, can help turn the space into the cozy sanctuary the owner envisioned.

"The main design objective was to maximize the brightness of the space during day and night. We knocked down the existing partition to create an open layout so that the living and sleeping areas will be cohesive in form and function as well," explains the designer.

The interior designer also brought in different materials and incorporated Japanese elements to achieve the final aesthetic. Since the unit is compact, she also made sure there was ample storage and proper lighting.

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Check out the Japandi 28sqm condo home below:

To enhance the overall design output of her projects, the interior designer uses CRI, or Color Rendering Index, for lighting. "Checking the CRI scale can also help ensure the environment is brighter, clearer, and filled with perfect color. For any project, I stick to CRI 90," she explains.


Wherever you are in the condo unit, you can appreciate how the combination of color and lighting makes the space inviting.

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Compact yet functional, the kitchen has enough space for meal preparation since the countertop is kept almost bare. To maximize the available vertical space, overhead cabinets were installed. "The owner wanted a two-tone look for the cabinets: a light cream with a slightly peach undertone for the top cabinets and a light wood grain finish for the base units," shares the designer.

Graphicote glass was used as a backsplash as it’s easy on the eyes and easier to maintain compared to subway tiles and other materials.

TV Area

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A slim column and the refrigerator separate the kitchen from the TV area. Here, you can still see how storage was incorporated. According to the designer, most of the built-in cabinets take up the longest side of the wall to achieve a cohesive design. "I specified for all cabinets to have a 45-degree finger pull edge for a sleeker visual output," she explains.

One corner serves as a mini coffee station to maximize the available space as well.

Dining Area

The dining/bar area features a built-in table with drawers and matching barstools. To define this area, the designer installed light gray terrazzo wall tiles that also balance out the wooden elements. Further elevating the overall look of the corner with mood lighting are the FRIHULT wall lamps from IKEA that are stacked near the upper left corner of the wall.

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Living Area

A cabinet inconspicuously stands beside the bar area. Since it’s in a lighter color, it’s not heavy on the eyes and blends in with the rest of the unit. Behind the sofa is a statement wall that helps with the zoning of the unit.

It features a clean grid design using solid pine wood in a Duco paint finish with a textured wallpaper for the base. The grid wall is subtly inspired by the shoji, or room divider, in Japanese traditional architecture.

Living and Sleeping Areas

Since the partition separating the living and sleeping areas was knocked down, a mid-high open shelf now defines the sleeping area. A local wood maker created the shelf, the bed frame, and the night stand to achieve uniformity.


At the foot of the bed is a sleek hanging rack that works as an open closet. The owner can hang and display some of her clothes for easy access.

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The bathroom is kept simple with well-chosen floor and wall tiles and cabinets that mirror the look of the storage units in the common areas.

Matching the shower enclosure are sleek bathroom fixtures that complement the wooden touches in the T&B.

Interested to work with Tinybean Interior? Get in touch with the interior designer through Facebook: or Instagram: @tinybean.interior. You can also email the designer at info.tinybean[at]

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