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How Do You Achieve the Minimalist Interior Style?

Are colors and décor pieces not allowed? We asked an interior designer for advice.


The appeal of minimalist interiors is undeniable. Given everything that’s happening around us, it’s nice to wake up to neutral colors, a bright space, and handpicked décor pieces that cheer us up. If you’re one of the many who love scrolling through design pegs, you might be wondering—why do some minimalist spaces feature other colors other than neutrals? Why are some homeowners still displaying décor items?

As you scroll through your feed, you might be pondering how to best execute the minimalist style. Is there one strict way to execute the style? “Design styles, like the minimalist style, can be very limiting. It’s good that there are established styles and there are also style movements throughout history. We can take from and be inspired by those style movements by expressing them however we want to interpret them in our own spaces,” explains interior designer Tala Singson.


When it comes to creating your dream house or giving your home a makeover, you can use the design principles of your chosen style as guide then interpret it in your own way to put a personal stamp on your space. “Minimalist” and “minimalism” are such buzzwords these days, that it’s easy to fall into the trap of limiting yourself on how to apply it.

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What is minimalist design?

According to an article on The Spruce, minimalist design is all about the essentials. Some of the key characteristics of this interior style include focusing on functionality, clean lines, having a limited color palette with color used as accent, using natural light, and making sure everything has a place and purpose.

One of the common challenges of having a minimalist home involves keeping it warm and inviting. In an article on Elle Décor, designer Sharon Blaustein says that by “combining different shades, tints, and textures to create a dynamic atmosphere.”


In addition, Tala gives the following pointers that can guide you:

  • Go for a monochromatic palette. “This is not necessarily white. I believe minimalist spaces that [use] dark tones or black can be minimalist, too,” says Tala.
  • Use color in small doses. “Not all minimalist spaces are monochromatic. The base color can be around 70 to 80 percent. For example, white, gray, black, or even a hue can be the dominant color,” the interior designer suggests.
  • Display limited and purposeful décor. “In my opinion, décor is allowed as it gives personality to the space. It’s like the user’s or owner’s signature,” Tala shares.


To further help you achieve a minimalist home you’d love to come home to, we’ve collated photos of spaces we’ve featured before that you can use as pegs:

Industrial-Scandi x Minimalist


You might be surprised that the owner of this renovated home in Antipolo considers their home as minimalist. It’s actually a mix of different styles – from industrial and Scandi, to tropical and rustic. “It’s minimalist in a sense that the owner thought about the things she wanted to put on display and she made sure that it’s easy on the eyes, organized, and minimal,” adds Tala.

Click here for the complete home tour.



In personalizing their rental townhome, the owners of this home went for a Boho-minimalist look, using the white walls as the backdrop of their neutral-colored furniture and mostly rustic décor pieces.

Click here for the complete home tour.

Homey Minimalist

For this project, Tala used mostly grays, whites, browns, and natural wood. Taking inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic, furniture is minimal with a few pops of color to keep the space from being boring.


Click here for the complete home tour.

Modern Minimalist

It’s safe to say that many homeowners prefer the modern minimalist look as it’s timeless, easy on the eyes, and has a touch of elegance. For this project, ARQON Design + Build focused on incorporating neutral colors, earth tones, and raw surfaces.


One of the focal points of this home is the cashmere granite countertop in the kitchen.

Click here for the complete home tour.

For more minimalist design tips, click the articles below:


How would you interpret the minimalist design? Do you have a favorite take on this interior style? Let us know by messaging us on Facebook!

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