A 63sqm Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Bungalow in Bulacan

Interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote renovated an old house into a dreamy retirement home that features a high ceiling, an archway, and a skylight, to name a few

Photography: Fotophilia Interior Designer: IDr. Sharlene Lanzarrote

Located in a subdivision in Plaridel, Bulacan, this 63sqm bungalow needed a new look. Aside from the old structure, it was no longer habitable as well, prompting the owners to give it an upgrade.

Interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote stepped in to renovate the house—transforming it from a cookie-cutter space into a unique retirement home for the owners. “It’s inspired by modern farmhouses with a touch of vintage aesthetic,” she shares with

before and after photos of farmhouse renovation

With the help of SLI Studio x J. Santiago Construction, Sharlene turned the outdated house into a cozy home in just six months. A mix of country-inspired elements and contemporary touches completes the bungalow, with rustic pieces adding visual interest. “It’s a cozy yet refined bungalow that maximizes the sunlight and fresh air of the countryside—a hidden gem within this suburban neighborhood,” the designer adds.


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Take a peek inside the modern farmhouse-inspired bungalow below:


facade of a modern farmhouse bungalow


The designer updated the home’s façade highlighting its clean lines and well-thought-out windows. The fresh coat of paint seen on the exterior extends to the interior, creating a cohesive look.


high ceilings complete this bungalow

To match the home’s high ceiling, Sharlene opted to have customized doors made. Defining the entryway is an open shelf with minimal décor pieces and a potted plant. The owners can place a mini sanitizing station here and a catchall for keys.

watch now

“What makes this home special is the high ceiling. It’s unusual for bungalow homes to have a 4.5-meter-high ceiling,” adds the designer.

Living Area

window seats make the living area more functional

According to the designer, they encountered minor hiccups during construction given the house’s dated structure. Nevertheless, they were able to retain some elements. “We retained the bay windows because these add to the charm of the house plus it gave it more character when we added clerestory windows above it,” explains Sharlene.


Adding window seats not only allows the owners to double up on storage while skipping the need for a sofa. In addition to retaining some elements from the old house, Sharlene also kept the original layout to keep within the budget.

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Aside from the window seats, the family can also maximize the floorspace with floor cushions. A setup as cozy as this is ideal for movie nights.

an archway leads to the kitchen and dining areas of modern farmhouse bungalow


“The main accent of the space is the 2.4-meter archway that is strategically designed to let the light from the living room clerestory windows to pass through,” Sharlene says. The archway used to be small but the designer “exaggerated” the height and width of the opening to make it more captivating.

Kitchen and Dining Areas


Sharlene considers this part of the home as its heart and focal point of the bungalow. “It aims to bring the family together through preparing and cooking meals easily, an activity the client loves,” she shares.

Located at the back of the house, the original design of the kitchen receives little to no sunlight which created a damp environment where molds can develop. “In order to address this, we designed an open kitchen and dining area with skylight,” explains Sharlene. The modular kitchen was achieved with the help of Sanley Furniture.


Given the skylight and light coming from the living area, the space now receives ample natural light that creates a dramatic lightbox effect.

From this angle, you can see that the kitchen island is connected to a solid acacia wood dining set to serve as an additional prep space. Completing the new look of the kitchen are the white Zellige tiles as backsplash, laminated wood cabinets, and a concrete-finish rangehood cover that doubles as accent.


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First Bedroom

This private space is furnished with a single bed with pull-out and a study desk. The designer made sure to add a clerestory window to maximize natural light.

Common Bathroom


To match the theme of the house, the bathroom was revamped with new tiles, fixtures, and a sink. Storage was also prioritized with enough compartments for toiletries and other essentials.

Master Bedroom

Similar to what’s seen in the other bedroom, the master bedroom features the same panel headboard design in a grayish blue shade symbolize the ocean. “Our client is a seaman and the helm above their headboard is also a symbol of his profession,” explains Sharlene.


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Opting to showcase personalized accents is another way of sprucing up a bedroom aside from displaying picture frames. The sliding barn door opens up to the master bathroom.

Master Bathroom


“The toilet and bath layout remained the same but we incorporated with new fittings and fixtures. It’s a simple combination of wood and concrete-textured tiles,” explains the designer.


Interested to work with interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote? You can visit her website: You can also follow Sharlene Lanzarrote Interior Design Services on Facebook and @sharlenelanzarroteinteriors on Instagram.

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