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12 Things We Love About Small Laude’s Stunning Modern Tropical Home

Designed by renowned architect Ed Calma, the six-storey house features an art collection, luxury furniture pieces, and four gardens, to name a few

Photography: Instagram/@smalllaude

You’ll never know what you’ll find inside the homes of celebrities and media personalities. From having envy-worthy kitchens to being completed with top-of-the-line materials—each home is a testament to the owner’s taste, favorite things, and hard work.

Socialite, entrepreneur, and vlogger Small Laude is one of the most followed personalities on Youtube with around 813,000 subscribers. Her videos are fun to watch and many have come to love Tita Small’s adventures—from her trips abroad to giving a peek into her home life.

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If you’ve been following her on social media, we’re sure you’ve already seen parts of her home. Designed by world-renowned architect Ed Calma, the six-storey modern tropical mansion is a sight to see with its sleek lines and open spaces. What makes it very unique though, are the rooms that Small personalized with high-end furniture pieces, works of art, and handpicked décor.


Curious to know more about Small’s fabulous family home? Here are 12 things we love about their space:

1. The solid wooden door that welcomes guests into the home

While a home’s façade can make passersby stop and stare, the main door also plays a role in giving visitors a clue on what to expect once they step inside a space. In the Laude family home, a heavy, solid wooden door flanked by glass and potted plants set the tropical feel of the property.

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2. The spacious foyer

First impressions last, don’t you agree? Since the foyer is one of the first things guests will see upon entering, Small spruced it up with a painting by Jose T. Joya and a chandelier ordered from Milan.

3. The German sandstone wall


Small says that the German sandstone wall used inside the house and also by the pool area is her favorite part of the house. Ordered from Europe, the material is heavy and cut into huge slabs. It took many workers to help install it in the house.

4. The inviting living area divided into two sections


Entertaining friends won’t be a problem as there’s space for all. The living area is divided into two, allowing groups of friends to have their own space. In addition to the MINOTTI sofa and Rimadesio pieces completing the area, the Henge lighting pieces will definitely capture anyone’s attention.

Small chose the brand’s Tape Light, an energy-saving pendant light with burnished brass finish designed by Massimo Castagna.

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5. The dining area with two dining sets that can seat around 10 people


In the dining area, there’s a table meant for entertaining guests and another table where the family spends time together. Most of the pieces were bought in Milan, Italy.

6. The massive art collection

The Laude family loves collecting art and some of their acquisitions are found all over the house. Aside from the Joya piece in the foyer, they also have works by Ang Kiukok, Takasi Murakami, and Madsaki, to name a few.


7. The scenic elevator

Yes, there’s an elevator inside the house! Not only does it help the senior members of the family to move around easily, it also gives a view of the outdoors while allowing natural light to stream into the home.

8. The master den that doubles as Small’s home office


Modern yet cozy, the den is an inviting area of the house completed with pieces from Fendi and Eames. Serving as an accent piece is Small’s portrait done by Filipino artist Andres Barrioquinto.

9. It has four gardens

A garden is already a great addition to any house, what more if you have four? Since Small is a plantita, she’s very happy to have spaces where she can care for her favorite green wonders. She also has an herb garden where they get herbs they can use when cooking.


10. The "Banana Room" inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel

Small loves The Beverly Hills Hotel so much that she used it as an inspiration in styling this room found on the roof deck. It has a banana leaf wallpaper, velvet furniture pieces in pink, and a painted ceiling reminiscent of the hotel. The Banana Room leads to an outdoor space furnished with pieces by Kenneth Cobonpue.


11. Small's pink boudoir

The owner’s all-pink glam room/salon is furnished with chic furniture pieces, a space for a hair washing chair (also in pink!), and other pampering essentials.

12. It has a gazebo


One of the best things about the house is it embraces the outdoors. It has an enchanting gazebo completed with outdoor furniture, a swing, and plants. It’s the perfect hang out spot where snacks and refreshments can be enjoyed.

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