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How to Design a Simple Gate for Small Houses

Make a lasting impression while ensuring privacy and security

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What do you immediately notice when you pass by a street lined with houses? It’s easy to be captivated by a house with a stunning façade more so when the same house also has a lovely gate. Aside from guaranteeing the privacy and safety of the people living inside the house, gates also showcase the style you’ve chosen for your space.

 “The gate gives the first impression as it greets guests and visitors, too. It’s crucial that the design of the gate matches the design of the whole house so that it’s cohesive and you can achieve a well-rounded exterior,” explains Ar. IDr. Isabelle Ong Sitco of Iztilo Interiors.

What are the rules when it comes to designing a simple gate for small houses? Are there specific materials you need to choose? According to Ong Sitco, there are a few things that must be considered when choosing a gate design such as the location of the house and the style of the home.


Let the insights below guide you in designing a simple gate for a small house:

What’s the main function of your gate? says that to get started, you need to determine the number one reason why you’re installing a gate. Is it to enhance the curb appeal of your property or do you want to double up on security? According to the site’s experts, once you finalize what’s on top of your list, “you’ll be able to think of the gate’s mechanical aspects – whether it swings, slides open, or if it blocks the view of your property.”

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Where is your house located?

Ong Sitco puts value on the location of the property when it comes to finalizing a gate design. “Houses located in gated subdivisions can have a gate with a low height or a see-through gate with landscape that can also give privacy to the house. On the other hand, if the house is located along main roads, privacy is a key component so this is where gates high in height and not see-through come into play,” the architect-designer explains.


In addition to this, if your house is located inside a subdivision or village with a homeowner’s association, you need to check with them if there are specific rules or restrictions when it comes to gates. There are properties that set rules about gates and fences so that the houses will look similar. Avoid fines and dismantling the gate by checking first if there are rules you need to follow.

Which material should you choose?

How do you envision your gate? According to, the material you choose will affect the final look of your gate, especially its size and weight. Among the available materials for gates you can use, here are the most common:

  • Tubular steel with reinforced concrete – Ong Sitco says that the reinforced concrete inside the steel adds strength and stability, plus, tubular steel can be painted

  • Stainless steel – this material is easy-to-maintain, durable, and can be easily customized

  • Wrought iron – durable and can provide security, this material can also be customized to meet the homeowner’s needs


What are the qualities of a good gate?

Aside from adding to the aesthetic appeal of your property and keeping it secure, a good gate design must also be easy to use or operate. Are you going for a manual or an automatic gate? This is something you can discuss with the design professional you’re working with.

“Gates should also be equally levelled with each and not a single squeaky sound must be heard from its hinges or tracks when you open and close the gate,” adds Ong Sitco. You also need to take into consideration the size of the gate – does it obstruct traffic when you open it? Ong Sitco explains that “if the gates are wide, it’s ideal to divide it into sections so it can be folded when open. A sliding gate can also be considered for wide gates.”


When designing a gate, remember to take into account accessibility. Discuss with your architect or designer if a pedestrian gate is needed so that guests can enter comfortably without opening the entire gate.

What extras can you add to the gate?

Ong Sitco suggests investing in a quality lock to ensure everyone’s safety. She also advises adding a peephole in the design of the gate which can be covered when not in use so you can check who is outside before opening the gate.

At the end of the day, while the design of the house is the homeowner’s call, having professional input counts. A design professional can make informed suggestions while taking into consideration your budget and the look you have in mind. 

“It’s important that the gate design is final and approved by all parties before installation to avoid dismantling,” shares Ong Sitco. Dismantling and reinstalling gates not only weaken the hinges, it can incur extra costs, too.


Ready for your own makeover? You can get in touch with Ar. IDr. Isabelle Ong Sitco of Iztilo Interiors through email at iztilointeriors[at] You can also follow Iztilo Interiors on Facebook: and Instagram:

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