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10 Must-See Celebrity Bathrooms

These private spaces feature sleek marble finishes, top-notch fixtures, and an undeniable spa-like appeal

Photography: William Ong (Main Photo)

A bathroom tells a lot about a person. Aside from giving a peek into one’s shower habits, the accessories, scents, and little details also speak volumes as to how the owner values his or her pamper routine. We’re sure you’ll agree when we say that it’s a must to have a spotless T&B that smells fresh all day. After all, who would want to take a bath in a room that stinks and filled with dirty towels?

To inspire you to give one of the most used areas at home the TLC it deserves, we’ve rounded up a couple of celebrity bathrooms that are pretty, functional, and attainable. Save these as pegs for your next home improvement project:

Jinkee Pacquiao

In Manny and Jinkee’s modern tropical Forbes Park home, it’s quite a given to see bathrooms that are reminiscent of posh spas. Jinkee’s T&B is simple yet sophisticated—with a freestanding tub that sports a sleek, raw finish. To keep it from being boring, color is incorporated through décor and furniture.


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Get the look: If you’re not too keen on installing a bathtub in your bathroom, you can still achieve the ambiance of a spa by creating a vignette of indoor plants and scented candles on your counter or in a corner of your bathroom. You can also have potpourri jars as accessories to help neutralize funky smells.


Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.


The comedienne’s spacious bathroom takes inspiration from five-star hotels, with its envy-worthy shower cabin that can be turned into a sauna. Completing the luxe look are mosaic tiles, wall accents, and open shelves.


Get the look: Achieve a hotel-like bathroom by investing in the right accessories. Let go of your plastic waste bins and catchalls. Bring in woven or metal pieces for an elegant upgrade. You can also display framed prints to spruce up plain walls.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Derek Ramsay

In Derek Ramsay’s stunning Palawan home, you can see captivating works of art everywhere you turn—even in the bathroom! Complementing the resort-like tiles, shower enclosure, and contemporary pieces is a striking work of art dominated by red. The piercing touch of red livens up the space dominated by neutrals.


Get the look: Got a favorite work of art? Use it to personalize your T&B. As an alternative, choose accessories and bathroom essentials in your chosen accent color for a cohesive look.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Iza Calzado

Iza’s elegant condo unit features an airy and spacious living area, a beautiful kitchen, and private spaces you’d instantly want to add to your vision board. The powder room on the first floor looks stylish with black marble defining the walls. The material is paired with white fixtures to create a balanced look.


Marble also takes the spotlight in Iza’s own bathroom as it complements the lovely mirrored sink cabinet, blooms, and quality fixtures.

The same material can be seen in the spacious shower area with a view of the city.


Get the look: While investing in marble is a huge step, you can always take it slow with mosaic tiles that add flair even to the tiniest T&Bs. Use these tiles to create an accent wall or define a storage niche.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Vic and Pauleen Sotto

Homey and perfect for long baths, the common bathroom has a tufted bench, an abstract diptych by Vic’s daughter Paulina, and scented candles. With a comfy setup like this, we won’t be surprised if guests and friends would want to spend hours in the bathroom.


Get the look: If the space allows, you can always add an extra seating piece in the bathroom. You can use it as extra storage or if you want to spend a couple of minutes reading a magazine or a book. Opt for a sleek stool that can hold magazines and extra rolls of tissue paper as you can easily place it near the water closet.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

James Yap

The common bathroom in James Yap’s bachelor pad highlights a distinct Filipino vibe completed with capiz and mother-of-pearl on the walls. Paired with white fixtures, these details complete a luxurious aesthetic.


Get the look: Those who have budget to spare may consider retiling to be able to showcase new tiles that complete the look you’re going for. If you’re still saving up for a major redo, you can start with baby steps like opting for a capiz lighting piece, wooden catchalls, and woven hampers to update the look of your bathroom.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Vice Ganda

Who says small bathrooms lack personality? It all boils down to the fixtures and materials you choose. In Vice Ganda’s compact T&B, a black-and-white color scheme was chosen with top-notch fixtures from Kohler completing the look.


Get the look: Nothing beats investing in quality fixtures to improve the bathroom. Check your sink, faucets, showerheads, and water closet. Are these in mint condition? Never hesitate to invest in must-haves that promise comfort and your money’s worth.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Alden Richards

Alden’s bathroom is simple and attainable—with gray marble tiles, white fixtures, and mosaic tiles as accents. The actor’s personal space proves that you can breeze through your routine with only the basics.


Get the look: As an alternative to mosaic tiles, you can add pizzazz to your private space with cement tiles. These tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns that can be used on the wall or as flooring.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn’s en-suite toilet and bath is dreamy and spacious, with a corner tub, a double sink and an open shower area.


A relaxing space that will remind you of spas, the bathroom has neutral-colored tiles that add a tropical vibe to the space as well.

Get the look: The secret to an airy bathroom? A functional layout without dividers. If you’re dealing with a small space, it’s best to let go of enclosures and bulky accessories to maintain a bright and inviting vibe.


Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

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