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Derek Ramsay’s Glass House in Palawan

In this beachside escape, you can dine under the stars, marvel at works of art and enjoy the perks of island life

Original Article: Jocelyn T. Valle Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions

It’s not surprising why many are falling in love with the beauty of Palawan. Beyond the islands and crystal clear water, the overall vibe is calming and it’s safe to say that you’ll always want to go back to the serenity it offers. It seems that actor Derek Ramsay and his family feel the same about the place. Not only do they own two islands, they also chose to build a beach house in the town of San Vicente in 2013.

The said project was a family affair—with Daddy Derek in charge of the structural design, while Derek worked with Mommy Medy in polishing the interiors. The glass-and-steel house is the perfect beachside home as it allows the owners and their guests to take in the view of paradise. Though Mommy Medy says that the house is a work in progress, we won’t mind staying in the place for a week or more. It’s not only furnished with designer pieces, you can take a breather, read a book, and enjoy a snack in any part of the house and still feel the soothing effect of nature as well.


“We could have built a concrete house, but why? You have that in Manila, and you’re trying to get away from all the concrete jungle. We want it to be homey, and you feel you’re at the beach talaga,” says Derek about their inspiring home. From afar, you can already feel how airy and spacious it is, thanks to the huge windows.


Derek’s father was in charge of the house’s structural design. Instead of the usual sliding glass doors, they invested in steel doors with tempered glass that can be folded from Australia. Derek and his Mom painstakingly chose the pieces that will complete the house as well. Sleek and comfy chairs define the outdoor space with umbrellas from Bali serving as extra accents.

Living and Dining Areas

The living and dining areas are spacious and perfect for entertaining big groups. Mommy Medy and Derek worked on the interiors, a fusion of their ideas and tastes. For this house, they settled on a modern theme with an Asian feel. “We didn’t want to build a house that you see in a village in Alabang or Forbes Park. We want it to be really, like, pang-beach talaga. Anywhere you stand, you see the beach,” shares the actor.

Living Area

The living area has a warm and Asian vibe. From this angle, guests can see how the sofa is placed—facing the view of the beach. According to Derek, the sectional sofa is quite an investment and came from an Italian brand.

Hanging above is an interesting hanging lamp by Kenneth Cobonpue, the Limbo Acrobat. It can be a conversation-starter during get-togethers as well. Near the living area is a wooden seating piece designed by his Mom, while above it is a set of three convex mirrors designed by Ito Kish for his Kish Stories from Canada line. This is not the only Kish creation in the house as just behind the sofa is a black Gregoria chair from the designer’s home line.

Living Area

Adding Asian flavor to the interiors are these temple drums from Tibet which Derek found in an antique shop in Bacolod. To turn into a functional piece, the biggest drum serves as a center table that can hold magazines and other knickknacks.

Living Area

A bevy of paintings and designer pieces complete the stunning home. In this corner, Mayi Penaflorida’s Dear Bella spruces up the wall while Ito Kish’s Basilisa lounge can accommodate guests.

Living Area

A captivating console defines this corner, a prized find from China. The finish complements the rest of the pieces in the home and adds to the Asian feel. Above it are more Mayi Penaflorida works (clockwise): Amelie, Lily, Wednesday Stroll, and Emma and Momo. Mommy Medy collects the artist’s paintings of wide-eyed girls, loving how each piece seems alive even from afar.

To see more of Mayi's work, click here.

Dining Area

Who wouldn’t want to dine under the stars or with the beauty of the sky as backdrop? It was Daddy Derek’s idea to put tempered glass near the ceiling. “So when we’re having dinner at the dinner table, it’s like eating outside. You see the moon and the stars. It turned out to be a very nice feature,” he says. To liven up the ceiling in the dining area, the owners chose a piece featuring hanging orbs and fishes.

Meanwhile, the 12-seater dining table is made of dao and was purchased in Manila.

Dining Area

It’s safe to say that Mommy Medy has given much thought to the pieces added to the house. The dining chairs from Cebu were customized and each has a backrest showcasing the eight kinds of shells found on Palawan’s shores.


“I love a nice kitchen,” says the Derek. Given this, the actor invested in the cooking area and got the Varenna kitchen system from Poliform. Transporting it to Palawan was quite a challenge and bringing it to the house in one piece is a feat on its own.

Visit Poliform at  219 N. Garcia St (formerly Reposo), Bel-Air 2, Makati City.


A chiller is placed in a corner and holds different bottles of wine. Choosing a white piece goes well with the theme and helps the owners achieve a cohesive look.


This wall highlights a different teacups, glasses, and bottles of alcoholic drinks. “The kitchen is not done yet. I wanted a really nice kitchen to look at,” the actor adds.

Derek's Bedroom

Can you name the designer pieces found in Derek’s personal space? In the room are pieces made by his favorite designers, Kenneth Cobonpue and Ito Kish. Taking the spotlight is the Yin and Yang bed and the Little People hanging lamp by Cobonpue. The sheets with hints of gold will remind you of posh resorts.

Derek's Bedroom

Completing the room are Kenneth Cobonpue’s Suzy Wong entertainment console and the Concesa cabinet by Ito Kish. These designer pieces go well with the works of art chosen by the actor to personalize the walls. The works of art on the wall feature plump women—one in a Superman suit and the other, a group of mermaids—and were done by Negrense artist Raymond Legaspi.


The bathroom is kept simple with resort-like tiles, a shower enclosure, and a striking work of art dominated by red. Even in the T&B, the owners made sure that there are interesting accessories and work of art to set it apart.

Master Bedroom

Mommy Medy shares that it’s difficult to complete the house given the effort it takes to bring pieces to Palawan from Manila. “Ang dami pang kulang dito. Wala pa akong rug, parating palang” she shares. The room has a whimsical feel to it, with the bed serving as the focal point. Made in Bali, the four-poster all-white piece is inviting.

Master Bedroom

For a cohesive look, they chose a sofa and chandelier with stripes—adding a modern twist to the simple bedroom.

Find similar pieces at Our Home.


One of the six bedrooms in the house has a distinct country charm. Dominated by cheerful colors like yellow and green, it’s easy on the eyes and definitely relaxing. Occupied by the youngest daughter, Natala, it has a charming bed, a dainty chandelier that goes with the color palette, and of course, a view of the outdoors.


To maximize the space, a tiny vanity corner was incorporated into the final look. Instead of having a huge chair, a storage ottoman in pale green was added.

For a similar piece, visit Murano Glass Chandelier.

Read the original article in the June 2017 issue of YES! Magazine. To download a digital copy of YES!, visit Summit Newsstand at

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