Things and Spaces to Clean While Staying Indoors

With some parts of the country going into heightened lockdowns due to increasing COVID-19 cases, a lot of people are once again cocooning. If you’re one of them, and you’re itching to do something other than remote work, then you may want to get into deep cleaning areas of your home that your daily upkeep skips. Here are a few to take on:

That messy drawer

We all have that drawer—the one where we just toss in everything and anything that we can’t seem to categorize. Set aside several hours (or an entire day) to sift through all the stuff in it, and you may just find something that you’ve been looking for, or at the very least, get additional storage space.

The area beneath your bed

If you’re the kind of person who uses the area beneath your bed as storage, then you may want to re-check what’s there and do a bit of decluttering. Receipts more than two years old are okay to throw out. Shoes that are starting to peel or don’t fit well anymore are also okay to be disposed. If you still plan to keep items beneath your bed, look into investing in storage solutions that can easily be moved around when you sweep or dust.

Your mattress

Small, high-powered handheld vacuum cleaners—especially those that can deal with mites—are a great investment, as they really help loosen and remove dust and dirt that have accumulated in your mattress through the years. Remember to rotate your mattress every three months to make sure that fillings are equally distributed, and to avoid having one side lumpy.


Your closet

If you haven’t dealt with your closet yet, then now is a good time to do so. Here are a few articles you may want to read to guide you through the process:


Your refrigerator

You should actually be taking stock of what you have in your fridge every time you go out to do groceries, but if you have those old bottles and food containers at the back which you haven’t opened in a month or so, then it’s probably time to chuck the contents out. You may also want to try compartmentalizing your food items more efficiently, and moving old stock to the front so that they get consumed right away. You can read this for more tips: Cleaning And Defrosting Your Ref Regularly Can Help Lower Your Electricity Bill.

Your data files

As with physical files, your digital files need cleaning up, too. Check if the photos in your phone are properly backed up to the right cloud. Delete duplicates. On your PC, arrange your file in a system that works for you—some create partitions in their hard drive, others simply go with neat folders. This can help you have a clearer mind when working at home, plus you don’t have to use the search bar so often, because you know where everything is.

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