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RL Picks: These Pastel Mugs Will Add a Touch of #Aesthetic to Your Mornings


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Valentine's day is just around the corner. What are your plans for the special (or not, depends on who's asking) ocassion? Maybe go on a date with your significant other? Hang out with all your girl friends? Or are you going to be spending it alone, inside the comforts of your space, with a cup of coffee—the only reliable partner you'll ever need, if you're being honest—in hand? There's also the matter of it happening on a weekday, so it's highly likely that you'll be working. If you're leaning towards the latter, we found a lineup of quirky ceramic mugs with flower-shaped handles from Mugsie! that could get you through the date and add a pop of color to your every other day.


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Sip your coffee from these cute, candy-colored mugs.

mugs candy colored PHOTO BY Mugsie


Who said mug handles need to be plain and ordinary? Mugsie! sure didn't. If you love your flowers, you'll find yours in the handle of these pretty, "Flower Power" collection mugs in bright and pastel hues—which are named rather pun-nily—soothing to the eyes. The quality-ceramic mugs, which includes a saucer in a matching color are microwave-and dishwasher-friendly. They are also perfect for home decor or as an aesthetic gift to your coffee-loving friends (a Valentine's gift to your partner, perhaps?). A prime example of form and function, we say. This is one pretty bunch you wouldn't mind buying yourself this love month. As Miley Cyrus said, you can (totally) buy yourself flowers.

The cute mugs (P900) are available in pastel lilac (I Lilac You); green (Kiwi Go Again); peach (Peach Out); pink (Pinky Swear), also perfect for the Viva Magenta aesthetic; and mint (Mint to Be). They're currently at a 16% off on Shopee, so you can get them for only P765.


Check out the collection below:

mugs pastel pink Pinky Swear! Flower Power Mugsie (P900). PHOTO BY Mugsie
mugs pastel kiwi Kiwi Go Again! Flower Power Mugsie (P900). PHOTO BY Mugsie
mugs pastel peach Peach Out! Flower Power Mugsie (P900). PHOTO BY Mugsie
mugs pastel mint Mint to Be! Flower Power Mugsie (P900). PHOTO BY Mugsie
mugs pastel lilac I Lilac You! Flower Power Mugsie (P900). PHOTO BY Mugsie

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