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This Minimalist Five-Foot Christmas Tree From IKEA is Under P1,000

A tree doesn't have to be expensive.



Christmas is not complete without the tree. Sure, sure, it's the people around you who matter the most during the holiday season. But the tree is also important. It doesn't matter whether it's small, big, or made out of whatever materials you can find—so long as the home has a Christmas tree. It's more festive that way. It's always so fun assembling it, decorating it with tinsel and lights, and more importantly, putting gifts under it. We're only a few weeks before the actual festivities, and if you still don't have a tree to put in your home, allow us to direct you to one: IKEA's Vinterfint Artificial Christmas tree. Best part? It's only under P1,000.


This Christmas tree from IKEA is less than P1,000:


The Vinrerfint Artificial Christmas tree stands 150cm tall, roughly five feet in height with a diameter of 74cm and is great for those with limited real estate. The artificial tree is needle-free—and storage-friendly!—so you won't have to worry about picking bits and pieces up once the holidays are over and you need to pack it up again. This particular size retails for P990 but if you're eying something a bit bigger, it also has a 210cm (seven feet) version that costs P6,690. Be sure to give your tree the center spot it deserves in your home and fill it with festive decorations that fit whatever theme you had in mind for this year.

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Take a look at the Vinrerfint Artificial Christmas Tree:


christmas tree ikea PHOTO BY IKEA christmas tree leaves ikea PHOTO BY IKEA


The Vinrerfint Artificial Christmas tree (height: 150cm, diameter 74cm) retails only for P990. It is available online.

For more information, check out IKEA's website.


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