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Is Tiny Living for You? Here Are a Few Pros and Cons

Moving to a smaller space is a big decision.

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Moving into a smaller space can be both a priviledge and a need, depending on your current situation. It is appealing for minimalists, environmentalists, and those who want to cut down on costs, and it’s easy to see why, as a tiny house would require less clutter, less energy consumption, fewer materials, and overall less money spent. But is living small really as easy as what many viral videos show it to be? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons: 


You save a significant amount of money.

Building a tiny home costs a lot less than building a full-sized home, as the small size significantly lowers labor and material costs. Also, living in a tiny home is much cheaper, as you’ll spend less on electricity, water, and waste disposal.

You reduce your carbon footprint.

As mentioned above, tiny home residents use less energy and water consumption. Apart from that, residents can choose to save even more energy by investing in solar panels. 


Having less storage space also requires residents to purchase fewer groceries, cutting down on food expenses and waste. 

You have less to clean.

Living in a tiny home requires you to declutter and let go of excess belongings. This means you’ll have significantly fewer items, furniture, and space to clean. 

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You (obviously) have less space.

If you want to live in a tiny house, you must be prepared to give up space. Giving up space means making compromises on the appliances and furniture you choose to include. While this may be alright with someone living alone or with a partner, giving up space can be especially difficult for families who frequently have relatives as guests or those with teenagers who want their own private space to hang out with friends.

Apart from cutting down on appliances and furniture, you might have to get rid of many of your belongings. While this may be a welcome change for some, it is a difficult task for others.


You need to clean more frequently.

Yes, you have less to clean, but you have to tidy up more often than usual. Just a little mess can be a total disaster in a tiny home--instead of getting a relaxing abode, you just have unwanted things taking up space. 

You have a smaller area for cooking and storing food. 

Cooking may pose a challenge as you’ll have much less space to put your ingredients and fewer appliances with just half a stovetop and a small counter. You’ll also have a smaller refrigerator and tinier cupboards to store your food. This may lead to you having to go to the grocery more often or eating out to avoid the trouble of cooking in a small space. 

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