A Minimalist House Made of Concrete

Taking inspiration from modern Japanese houses, Minimalist Architects PH worked with precast concrete to achieve a home that stands out

Photography: courtesy of Minimalist Architects PH Architect: Architect Neil Angelo Honorica of Minimalist Architects PH

The façade not only defines the overall aesthetic of a home, it also helps make it more distinctive among the houses lining up a street. Take for example this minimalist house—the unfinished look will instantly demand your attention, with its concrete finish and glass windows.

Designed by architect Gelo Honorica of Minimalist Architects PH, the house takes inspiration from modern Japanese houses as requested by the owners. “The young couple stayed in a very similar home in Japan and they wanted something similar for the dream home,” shares the architect.

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The use of raw concrete is one of the home’s unique features. According to architect Gelo, it’s one of the features commonly seen in their projects. “The interiors also have that industrial feel because of the steel railings and doors we used. To make it homey, we partnered it with wooden textures for the floor, ceiling, and stairs, which is also a very prominent combination in Japanese architecture,” he adds.

Take a peek inside the minimalist house below:



The unfinished look adds to the home’s charm. From the outside, you can notice the precast concrete used to complete the structure. Opting for a minimalist gate design complements the concrete and adds to the overall look.

According to architect Gelo, the home’s exterior has a negative space to highlight the glass material on the right. The same window clues you in on the home’s high ceiling. A steel trellis defines the garage on the left.

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We can’t help but admire the use of glass on this part of the façade. Aside from serving as windows, a door was also inconspicuously incorporated. To match the aesthetic, an industrial-inspired awning can also be seen.

Living Area

To keep within the theme, the living area is also sparsely decorated—with a Chesterfield sofa taking center stage. For a cohesive look, the accent chair and stool are in the same color.


Cozying up the industrial-inspired interiors are wooden touches which were seamlessly incorporated into the space. A wall-mounted storage piece holds a couple of entertainment essentials. To match it, a wooden coffee table that also doubles as storage can be seen in front of the sofa.

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“All the areas in the house are maximized and serve a function. They were also requested by the clients. There are no wasted spaces,” says architect Gelo. To make the most of the space under the staircase, cubby shelves were added to accommodate books and other knickknacks. Beside the shelves are glass display cases housing the owners’ toy collection.

You can never go wrong with a high ceiling as it makes the house look bigger than it really is. Notice the window on the right? It’s where the master bedroom is located, giving the owners a view of the living area from their room.

Dining Area

Wooden ceilings and furniture pieces add warmth to the industrial-inspired space. Since the areas are connected and share an open layout, the house feels airy and spacious.


Since the dining area is located beside the kitchen, the owners can entertain guests while preparing food. Aside from the dining chairs and bench, the breakfast counter can accommodate a couple more guests.

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What’s not to love about a sleek, black kitchen? The choice of color for the appliances and cabinets adds to the minimalist-industrial feel of the house. Mismatched droplights give the cooking area a cozy café vibe. Completing the look are matching foldable chairs that define the breakfast counter.


The wooden staircase steps soften up the interior while complementing the steel railings chosen by the design team.

Master Bedroom


The bedroom is kept simple and organized, with enough storage to avoid clutter. In addition to the closet beside the bed, the owners added a rack by the window to put some clothes on display. They also have a hanging bag organizer to keep these essentials within reach.

Ready to build your dream home? Get in touch with architect Gelo Honorica and Minimalist Architects PH via email at minimalistarchitectsph[at] You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Log on to to see their projects.

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