Wooden Interiors and Warm Details in a Prime Condo Unit

A family home combines hardwood with bright red and oranges for a homey feel

Original Article: Kathleen Valle Photography: Ocs Alvarez Pictorial Direction: Coni Tejada Interior Designer: Joby Belmonte

Some families build their home in one place and never leave it. Others find the need to move around and respond to their gypsy-like nature. While others simply need to go with the flow and adjust to where life – or more specifically, work – takes them. The Franco family is a perfect example how life changes so rapidly and so often.

This family of four have moved houses quite often enough – and far beyond than just minutes or a few kilometers away – that they have collected a variety of home pieces such as several sala sets, dining tables, and even bedroom furniture. This helped the couple rebuild their prime condominium unit  with a coveted view at the 40th floor of a plush building in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. But apart from the spectacular view, the Franco home maintains its warmth and homey ambience with the familiar furnishings.

Since interior designer Joby Belmonte is a relative, he helped the family create yet another cozy home. Because Joby knew each family member, he was able to design each room with the family’s activities, lifestyle and personal preferences in mind, resulting in a cozy abode for the family to enjoy during their stay in Manila.

Original article by Kathleen Valle. Pictorial direction by Coni Tejada. Photographed by Ocs Alvarez.

 Read the original article (“Home Base”) in the March 2008 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Living Area The Franco home’s main highlight is its picture window that showcases the spectacular view from the 40th floor condo unit.
Living Area Detail A selection of teakwood furniture from the family’s many homes came from Urban Effects and Singapore add an earthy feel to the apartment’s more modern layout.
Living Area Detail To balance out the wooden pieces, comfy pillows and cushions were added as well.
Living Area Detail The picture window allows natural light to stream into the space.
Living Area Detail A Richard Tuazon piece dominates this room and brings a dynamic vibe to the room.
Living Area Detail AJ and Jenny Franco are frequent travelers, so many of their souvenirs from trips make interesting décor around the home.
Living Area Detail Delicate glass lamp with stacked spheres stand with red shade adds a modern touch to the predominantly classic wood motif.
Living Area Detail Wood can sometimes feel too cold and harsh in a room. Add colorful pillows to soften the look of a room. Here, four multicolored pointed pillows from Egypt add visual interest and coziness to an inviting cushioned sofa.
Dining Area A traditional dining table gets updated by pairing it with a two-seater sofa bench. The lamp box at the corner is a part of a set of four pieces that is meant to be used outdoors. The couple didn’t want to throw them and instead lined them up against the picture window.
Dining Area Detail Intricate details are seen on the backrests of the dining chairs.
Dining Area Detail Pillow power goes full on, with cushions for dining chairs from Shell Canvass. Other rooms use bolsters from SM Department Store.
Dining Area Detail An interesting chandelier looks like an upturned flower’s petals. The look is modern and edgy but works with the rest of the Franco’s home’s Asian look.
Master Bedroom The carved headboard from Urban Effects belonged one of the Franco’s old homes. A sleek half-moon lamp balances the intricately carved wood dominating the room.
Master Bedroom Detail To complement the wood headboard, a wooden lampshade with thick base and white accent is placed on the side table.
Master Bedroom Detail The magnificent view from the 40th floor is extended in the Master Bedroom.
Master Bedroom Detail Similar with the chairs found in the Dining Area, impressive details are carved in the bedroom pieces.
Gabriel's Room Gabriel’s bed used to be the bed from the master bedroom in Singapore. The study table was the family’s old dining table, while an army baul is used as a side table. The artwork at the head of the bed was made by Joby Belmonte, Jenny’s brother.
Pauleana’s Room Pauleana’s room was a replica of the young girl’s room in Singapore. A slim bookcase by the bedside organizes the young bookworm’s favorite titles.
Pauleana’s Room Detail The “Chocol8” painting by Richard Tuazon is a playful addition to Pauleana’s neat and organized room.
Room Detail In this room perfect for a quiet reading time, a bookshelf is complemented by a telescope and a couple of artworks.
The owners The happy family pose for a quick photo op against the breathtaking view from their picture windows.

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