This Two-Bedroom Condo Features a Modern Take on the Wood-and-White Theme

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When it comes to personalizing their homes, owners have taken the liberty of interpreting their chosen style. For this two-bedroom condo home, the owners asked for a modern take on Scandinavian design. To deliver what the owners wanted, the designers behind Alaija Interiors made sure to add a touch of coziness to truly make it homey.

“The style of the home is modern yet cozy. We executed this through the use of wood and white, the mixture of straight and curved lines, and smooth and textured surfaces in each of the areas of our client’s home,” explains interior designer Alexis Young.

Since the home also serves as a background of the owners’ live selling business, the design team made sure every corner is visually appealing, well-maximized, and has enough storage solutions.

Take a peek inside the condo home below:

Living Area


Clean and spacious, the condo home features customized and ready-made furniture pieces to make sure no space is wasted. In the living area, the designers also added shelves where photographs can be displayed. “The lighting adds an extra touch of warmth to the space and also makes for a good Zoom background,” says Alexis.

Living and Dining Areas

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The living area flows directly to the dining area, with a slim divider separating the two. The colors also complement each other—from the soft furnishings to the chosen wall accents as seen on the hints of blue incorporated.

Dining Area

Adding a mirror helps create an illusion of a bigger space. Opting for furniture pieces with slim legs contribute to the spacious look while maintaining the Scandinavian aesthetic as well. “The clients requested to have ample storage for each area of the unit so we designed built-in cabinets to accommodate this request,” Alexis shares. In the dining area, a cabinet is added under the mirror where dinnerware and other belongings can be kept.



The owners wanted to have a white overhead cabinet in the kitchen. While the designers retained the existing cabinets that came with the unit, they changed the laminates to a glossy white color which adds a sleek, modern touch to the area. Extra cabinets were also installed above the original cabinets to create more storage.


To keep within the theme, the laminates of the base cabinets were also changed to a lighter shade of wood. Complementing the cabinets is the white reconstituted marble countertop. The designers replaced the granite countertop with the said material as it’s more cost-efficient than quartz.


"Our favorite addition to the kitchen is the herringbone-patterned backsplash in bluish-gray which adds texture and softens the stark look of the space,” Alexis shares. Hints of blue can also be seen in the living area to tie the look together.


The sleeping area has a Zen-like appeal because of the choice of materials and the resulting ambiance. According to Alexis, they worked toward bringing space, sunshine, and storage into the 8sqm bedroom. To do this, they placed the bed on top of a custom-built platform which has extra storage nooks underneath. At the end of the shelves, a quirky wall art breaks the monotony of the space.


Meanwhile, the full-length mirror across the window helps enhance the natural light streaming into the space. “We also chose lighting fixtures that give the same warm tones as the sun for the room to have a similar cozy glow at night,” says the designer.



Since the owners wanted a hotel-like look and feel for the T&B, the designers, went for a more modern aesthetic in the private space by adding a sleek vessel basin and faucet as well as warm lighting.

To reflect the wood-and-white theme, they also chose a white countertop and wood accent tiles. The mirrors also double as a vanity cabinet to avoid clutter.


Home Office

In designing the home office, the designers worked with two different types of wallpaper which also reflect the modern and cozy aspects of the design. The workstation is defined with a light gray wallpaper that looks like concrete.


The other side of the room features a fabric-textured wallpaper, the perfect backdrop for photos and other belongings. To make sure the space is functional, the designers made sure there’s ample storage options—not just for work-related items, but for clothing as well.


To make sure the owners and their pets can relax in the balcony, the designers made sure to strike a balance between modern and cozy. The other side is completed with artificial grass—perfect for the owners’ furry companions.


On the other side of the balcony, the owners can make the most of the makeshift deck. They can read a book, enjoy snacks, or sip refreshments. If the weather is nice, it also makes for a wonderful breakfast spot.

The designers behind Alaija Interiors are interior designers Alexis Young and Janica Esmende, and Aimee Garcia.


Ready to work on a home makeover project? Get in touch with Alaija Interiors through email at: alaija.interiors[at] You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @alaija.interiors.

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