Southeast Asian Charm Meets Kid-Inspired Décor in a Three-Bedroom Condo Unit

A nomadic lifestyle and their children inspire the design of this couple’s home

Original Article: Cecile Jusi-Baltasar Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Dagny Madamba and Paula de Guzman

Homeowner: Julien and Naomi Pescheux

Type of Home: Three-bedroom Condo Unit

Style of Home: Asian, modern

Entering the Pescheux's home is like stepping inside a beautifully curated furniture showroom featuring the best pieces Southeast Asia has to offer. As you go along, you'll discover that there's more to it than its aesthetic; there's a story. That story began when homeowners Julien and Naomi Pescheux first met in Laos. Together, they moved to Thailand, then to Singapore, Indonesia next, and now the Philippines. With their journey came great and unique pieces for their home. “We just kept picking up pieces as our house was growing, as our income was growing, as our family was growing,” says Naomi. “Gradually, we found pieces that we liked and added those to the collection of stuff,” she adds.

Aside from the couple’s nomadic lifestyle, their home design can also be attributed to their children, Ben and Zoe. They are two-fourths of who inspired Duduk, an Indonesia-based shop founded and created by Naomi and her friend Judith Baker (who also has two kids) that sells handmade, hand-painted, and hand-dyed home décor for kids.

If anything, this couple’s home only proves that one doesn’t have to go far for inspiration.

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Living Area

This daybed from Jogjakarta is made from reclaimed teak wood. It’s big and comes in one piece. Since it couldn’t be broken up into smaller chunks, the workers had to remove the service elevator's grills on the way up to Naomi and Julien's unit.

RL Tip: Find a similar daybed at Komodo Teak, FMF Compound, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. You can get the pillows from L'Indochine at SM Aura and the Mega Fashion Hall.

Living Area

In contrast to the big Thai coffee table with elephant feet are two miniature wooden chairs. One of which was made from an old boat in Indonesia.


Julien loves La-Z Boys but Naomi isn't a big fan of its aesthetic. The compromise? The sectional couch in the den that's just as comfy, but not too shabby.

Living Area Detail

One of the many pieces the couple brought home from one of their travels is this ceramic jar from Laos.

Dining Area

The Pescheux's dining set is a combination of wood, steel, textures, and pops of colors—a lot different from their first one, a six-seater, which now serves as their breakfast table. The colorful Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs of the kids can be adjusted as the children grow. It's available at Rustan's Makati.

Breakfast Nook

The breakfast table—which occasionally doubles as a bar table—is the couple’s old dining set from Singapore. The wooden cabinet with glass doors on the left is a bar on the upper shelves and plate storage on the lower shelves. A few steps to the right is the kiddie area.

Breakfast Nook Detail

This space in the breakfast area features two of Naomi's favorites. “I have two weaknesses. One is a really small stool. The other are baskets,” she says. The basket is strategically placed to control clutter.

Breakfast Nook Detail

This repurposed tin used to be a street food container in Indonesia, but now functions as a candleholder in the breakfast area. You can also repurpose old cans and bottles into useful items for your home. Mason jars can be used as planters and organizers while bottles can be turned into decor pieces.

Master Bedroom

Toned down with pops of Duduk is what best describes the master bedroom’s aesthetic. 

Master Bedroom

Aside from the Duduk pieces, the Asian vibe is also quite strong in the master bedroom. Case in point, the custom-made Thai bed with elephant feet and the water hyacinth lounge chair from Bangkok.

Master Bedroom Detail

These colorful costume beads from Jakarta make great contrast to the white walls in the master bedroom.

Kiddie Room

On one corner of Ben’s room is a wooden bed and washi tape-designed walls. On the other is a Tipi tent from Duduk. The woven basket that hangs on the wall is a Dapitan find. For affordable pieces that you can add to your space, you can schedule a visit to Dapitan and other secondhand shops.

Kiddie Room

Interesting touch: The mosquito net of this crib turns into a tent, similar to Duduk's best-selling Tipi tent. Love the paper rosette hanging from the ceiling? Click here for a complete guide.

Kiddie Room

Ben and Zoe love playing on one of the beds in Ben’s room, which doubles as a guest room for visiting relatives.

Kiddie Room Detail

Spotted in one of the corners in Zoe’s room is another miniature furniture paired with a Duduk item. You can also add small pieces of furniture that your kids can use at home.

Kiddie Room Detail

“The kids' things aren't just in a playroom. They have little play areas all over the house,” shares Naomi. Case in point, this miniature table and stool set in between the dining and breakfast areas. Naomi added pompoms to the locally sourced banig underneath the set to spruce it up.

Kiddie Room Detail

“I just find baskets so practical. You can throw everything inside,” shares Naomi. No wonder there's one strategically placed right beside Zoe's crib.

Kiddie Room Detail

By the window in Zoe's room is this wind chime, which Naomi upgraded by adding pink pompoms.


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