Rustic and Industrial Details Complete This 110sqm Condo Unit

Taking inspiration from Manhattan, New York, this two-bedroom home highlights the exceptional use of reclaimed wood, bricks, and other elements to create a space that is equally edgy and homey

Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Kamila Arianna Garcia Architect: John Santiago Interior Designer: Aimee Bernardo

After living in a 28sqm condo unit in Quezon City, newlyweds Edgar and James wanted to start anew in a bigger space, with plans of creating an all-white, minimalist-modern home. “We were searching for a bare unit. It would be just like a blank canvas that’s easy to rearrange and redesign anytime we want,” says Edgar. As fate willed, the couple discovered a place through a post on Facebook and it proved to be a blessing. “We met with the owner and had a tour of the unit. It was partly furnished already and we fell in love with everything that’s in it. It has a feel of Manhattan, New York and it’s rustic. It has a good balance of masculinity and homeyness,” recalls Edgar.

The best part? The previous owner of the unit is also an interior designer. Aimee Bernardo took charge of the unit's renovation while sourcing for the pieces that will complete the space. “90 percent of the furniture pieces were chosen by Aimee and luckily, everything—from the furniture to the appliances—suited our taste. It was a breeze,” the two exclaim. Given the permits, approvals, and processes involved, the design and construction of the unit took almost a year to finish. “Aimee had to be very careful in putting all the pieces together to be able to achieve the intended design and look,” says Edgar. Being aligned with the designer and having an open mind when it comes to suggestions also helped the two sail through the challenges of creating a home. “[You need to have] passion and love for the project. Of course, when you put your heart into any project, the result would be beautiful,” Edgar shares.


From the door, guests are transported to the Big Apple. Concrete walls, wooden pieces, and captivating accessories welcome visitors and give hints to the theme of the space. According to Edgar, interior designer Aimee Bernardo “tore” the unit apart—redesigning the place to make it more unique and functional. “[One of the] challenges we encountered involved the permits from the condo association. It took some time to get an approval since the unit will be reconfigured,” shares Edgar.

Common Areas

Since Edgar and James love having friends and relatives over for get-togethers, having an open space where visitors can move around freely is essential. Since the kitchen is located near the dining area, food can be served in a snap and the hosts can entertain even while cooking. “Our families and friends see the unit as a swanky hotel unit as well as like a rustic restaurant,” Edgar happily says.

Living Area

The living area will remind you of a New York flat. To achieve the rustic-industrial look, cement walls, bricks, wood, and exposed elements can be seen. Completing the living area are the Ralph Lauren brown leather sofa, a center table featuring a full slab of marble, a Pat’ak painting from Aimee, and storage pieces that showcase the beauty of wood. Aimee designed the console and it was made in Antipolo using reclaimed wood.

Living Area

The couple considers these shelves as some of the interesting pieces found in the unit. It holds a bunch of accessories, framed photographs, and other knickknacks.

Living Area

A wooden accent chair turns this corner into an instant reading nook. With books neatly placed on shelves, Edgar or James can enjoy some quiet time while drinking coffee or cold refreshments.

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A compact countertop holds different appliances at the back, while overhead cabinets provide enough storage. The island in the middle serves as the star of the show—aside from functioning as the main prep area, it also doubles as a breakfast nook with the addition of wooden barstools. What makes the space unique are the pieces of reclaimed wood on one wall. “The designer chose reclaimed wood for the barn door leading to the guest bathroom and to complete the panel [near the main door]. It adds character to the home,” says Edgar.

RL Idea: Got a collection of tumblers? Use it as accents in your space, with the photo as peg. If you’re working with wood panels, make sure you have these treated to prevent termite and cockroach infestation.


Talk about having a storage and décor piece in one! This wood wall has stainless steel rods and hooks to keep pots, pans, and other cooking essentials in place.

Dining Area

With a crystal chandelier as lighting piece, dining in this unit will feel like dining in a hotel or a topnotch restaurant. Aimee designed the table and highlights the use of narra and tempered glass. To complement the table, wooden benches and two upholstered chairs with floral prints serve as seating pieces. A customized mirror helps create an illusion of a bigger space.

Find similar pieces at Lucina Home, 2/L Solenad 3, Nuvali Evoliving, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Dining Area

Across the dining area is the stunning gallery wall that will remind you of—you guessed it right, a gallery. The dark wall serves as the perfect background for the couple’s collection of black and white photographs in different frames. The track lights complete the museum/gallery look.

Guest Bathroom

The bard door and wooden walls will remind guests of relaxing spas. “Retreat bathrooms are ‘in’ lately so allotting time and effort in designing the bathroom pays off. It never fails, our guests, napapa-wow sila,” shares Edgar.

Guest Bathroom

To break the monotony of wooden walls, mosaic tiles were used in the shower area.

Master Bedroom

According to Edgar, their bedroom resembles a Hong Kong hotel suite with a see-through glass separating the sleeping area from the bathroom. Edgar and James opted not to have a TV in the bedroom. “It fulfills the essence of the room, a peaceful and quiet space for relaxation for me and my husband,” Edgar explains.

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Master Bathroom

The spacious bathroom is pristine and calming with white accessories and fixtures dominating the space. These must-haves complement the neutral color of the walls.

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To maintain a clean and clutter-free look, Edgar and James maximize their drawers, cabinets, and storage pieces. Clothes and shoes are carefully organized so they can get and return what they used easily.

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Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is reminiscent of cozy dorm rooms. It has a wooden bunk bed, with the space underneath turned into a study/work area. The steps leading to the bed feature compartments for storage. Gray is the dominant color as seen on the walls and sofa. The customized bed/work nook was made in Antipolo.

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Instead of leaving the balcony plain, the owners and the designer opted for an oasis-inspired look. It has a wooden tiles, an artificial grass carpet, and a quaint dining set. Even the railing was given enough thought—with pieces of wood sprucing it up.


A wall trellis holds a couple of faux plans while enchanting lanterns add personality and quirk to the space.

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