One-Bedroom Unit Shows Minimalist Take on Art Deco Style

See how paper core tubes give the space a unique and natural vibe

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions Interior Designer: Pai Edles and Misty Floro of Morfosis Design

In the 1920s, during the art deco era, Japan was experiencing a different kind of revolution: women empowerment was at its peak. There was the emergence of the Moga—the liberated, free-thinking Japanese woman who wore westernized clothes. For Misty Floro and Pai Edles of Morfosis Design, there is no better inspiration for the modern-day Moga than the Japanese hip-hop dancer and choreographer Koharu Sugawara in designing this one-bedroom unit.

“We believe that the modern girl is one who takes risks and is not afraid to express herself. She is brave and free, and her home reflects these characteristics,” say Misty and Pai.

An outstanding feature of the unit is the ingenious use of paper core tubes. The design duo shares, “We were inspired by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban who uses paper core tubes in his designs to build, for example, churches or temporary homes for disaster relief.” Get ready to see a distinct interpretation, which marries the Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies to create a balanced and beautiful space.

Open Layout

Inspired by the fluidity and harmony of dance movements, Pai and Misty created an open furniture layout. “Upon entering, there is visual flow, from the kitchen to the dining to the living area. Nothing blocks your view, and each space is perfectly framed,” says Pai. The moulded wood Copenhague dining chairs are from Hay, floor lamp is from Habitat, while the industrial-style Othello Drop Light is from Mav Furniture. 

Living Area

You’ll see that furniture pieces are situated closer to the walls in order to create an open space at the center. A gray sofa from AllHome has sleek Art Deco curves, while the Habitat shelves and Galets center tables add modern lines. 

Living Area

Morfosis Design is known for always wanting to push boundaries. More often than not, they do this by using unusual building materials. For this unit, it’s paper core tubes used as wall treatment to enhance vertical lines and give the illusion of space. The Kura Origami lamp from Habitat adds a Japanese touch. 

Living Area

The color scheme is kept very feminine to celebrate the modern girl. Notice the pink accent wall that gives the living area a pop of color amidst shades of grays and browns—all from the Color Trends by Boysen Paints.

Dining Area

Geometric-shaped accessories Kaleido trays from Hay—which can be mixed and matched with other tray shapes—add an art deco feel to the space.


Another signature touch to the unit is Misty’s favorite—a black cat figurine—and also Morfosis Design’s company logo. The wooden puppet hand is from Hay.


Space limitation should never be an excuse not to have an aquarium, which is known to be an effective stress reliever. The black Ribbon lamp is from Habitat. 

Want to have your own aquarium? Check out ADA Nature Aquarium Philippines.

Dining Area

“We were looking for a wall material or texture that wasn't permanent, and can be easily installed. We find that paper core tubes fit the overall Japanese art deco look because it shows geometry and repetition, which art deco is known for. It worked out quite well—the paper core tubes gave depth to the walls and made it not boring,” says Misty.

Living Area

More geometric elements are found on the rug, coffee table, tabletop accessory, and even the mirror by the window. An abstract rug from Zaheer Carpets grounds the look. 


The bedroom follows the minimalist and utilitarian theme. The walls are painted in calming colors, making the space ideal for rest and relaxation. The Ikebana bed base from Habitat adds a sleek touch. 


A Dolores Dresser from Habitat can double as work desk, while a stand-alone shelf holds décor as well as personal items. The simple pendant lamp is from Match. 


Accessories are kept to a minimum to avoid a cluttered look. After all, Pai says, “The modern girl only keeps items that she loves and bring her joy.”


The accent wall in the bedroom is painted in muted violet. For continuity, Misty and Pai also used paper core tubes in creating the headboard. “Play with your space. Don't be afraid to try unconventional finishes, layouts, and designs,” they advise.

This unit was designed as part of this year’s Real Living Space at the Sapphire Bloc by Robinsons Land in Ortigas. To learn more about Real Living’s signature event, visit

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