A Mid-Century-Inspired Condo Home for Senior Citizens

To achieve the high-end, hotel-like feel the owners wanted, interior designer Catherine Cena worked with timeless elements and finishes.

Photography: OLA Interior Photography Interior Designer: Catherine Cena | Catherine Cena Interiors

It’s quite common to see light colors in condo homes. From the colors of the walls to the furnishings around the house, these color picks not just help make the space look and feel bigger, they’re pleasing to the eyes, too. Though this is the route many homeowners and designers take, it doesn’t mean you can’t work with darker shades in a condo unit. In this condo in Bonifacio Global City, interior designer Catherine Cena beautifully incorporated darker shades into the overall look of the two-bedroom home to achieve the hotel feel the owners wanted.

Owned by a semi-retired couple based in the province, the unit serves as second home where they can spend a week or two to relax and entertain friends and family. “Given their needs and design sensibilities, they wanted a space that’s cozy and functional without going over the top with the design. Industrial-American was the look that came to mind, with hints of Mid-century to add warmth,” explains the owners’ son.

To translate the look and peg her clients had in mind, Catherine worked with timeless finishes and dark colors. “I love how the colors and finishes we used created so much drama and added personality to the space. A tip I would give homeowners is to not be afraid to use dark colors. When used tastefully, these can make a space feel rich and sophisticated,” the designer shares. Complementing the materials and color palette Catherine used are works of art from the owners’ collection. Take a peek inside this inviting yet luxe space below:

Dining Area


The condo unit features a refreshing layout – with the dining area and a hallway welcoming visitors into the space. Catherine expertly used small space solutions in the dining area – with two black doors framing the space, and a wood-framed mirror making the space feel bright. 

“The four-seater round table is made of dark wood, but illuminated by a white dome accent light. The infusion of a modern element in a predominantly dark and classic backdrop really refreshes the space and makes it feel current,” explains the designer. Beside the dining area is a small workspace furnished with a table with slim legs and a matching chair.

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Living Area

The living area is reminiscent of a fancy hotel room. It features paneled wood walls on both sides to create a sense of drama in the space. Catherine also chose mid-century-inspired furniture pieces to achieve a timeless look.


Catherine personally likes the wood finish of the reeded cabinet doors seen under the TV. “There are so many textures in this space – from the cabinet doors and wooden paneling, to the coffee table bench and wallpaper,” she says. These come together to create a living area that’s lively, while the wall lamps help set the mood.



A balanced look can be seen in the cooking area as the designer combined bold black and raw wood finishes with a white countertop and backsplash. Given the dramatic mix, it doesn’t feel cramped at all. The wooden finish of the cabinets adds a sleek appeal to the kitchen as well.


Some of Catherine’s favorite picks in this area include the undermount sink, the large pantry, and the open shelves at the end of the hall.


From the common areas, a short hallway leads to the bedrooms. “We put storage in this area and used it as an opportunity to showcase some of the client’s art,” Catherine shares.


Master Bedroom

Five-star hotel-meets-cozy cabin in the spacious master bedroom. “This, more than any other area in the condo, is the one that feels most like a high-end hotel,” says Catherine. As you admire the inviting bed, you’ll see the wood-and-wallpaper combo of the headboard.


In this room, Catherine also chose to have wall paneling that matches the sideboard cabinet and other classic furniture pieces. To mirror the look of a hotel room, the designer also added a desk from West Elm and a lovely capsule mirror from Crate & Barrel.

Master Bathroom 


Simple yet sophisticated, the master bathroom features a dark flooring paired with white tiles, a black-framed mirror, and accent lights. Instead of the usual mirror seen in most T&Bs, Catherine chose a horizontal mirror to create an illusion of a bigger space.


“Despite the neutral color scheme, we combined quite a few textures in the space to make it feel interesting,” the designer adds. Instead of stainless-steel bath fixtures, Catherine chose to install black fixtures as well.

Guest Bedroom

Though smaller, the guest bedroom isn’t short on details that wow. One of its striking features us the black wall, which works well with the dark wood finishes. The chosen wood finish can be seen on the cabinets and shelves to create a cohesive look.


Common Bathroom

Mirroring the aesthetic of the master bathroom, the common T&B also showcases the classic combination of black, gray, and wood. “The big framed mirror is a beautiful element that makes the space feel large and luxurious,” explains Catherine.

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