Interesting Hues and Textures Help Achieve an Art Deco Feel In A 72sqm Unit

Be prepared to see a space you’d want to live in—and entertain in, too

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions Interior Designer: Vianca Anonuevo-Favila, JC Arcega, and Mark Steven Perez of Empire Designs and Carlo Mecate

By choosing to keep the look subdued yet updated with modern elements, designers successfully create an art deco feel for this two-bedroom unit for a young family.

Carlo Mecate worked on the master bedroom and kid’s room, which both show subtle elegance. For the living and dining areas, Vianca Anonuevo-Favila, JC Arcega, and Mark Steven Perez of Empire Designs made use of modern elements inspired by art deco details. Take a quick tour of the home below:


A black console table at the foyer makes the entrance, indeed, grand.

Living Area

The living and dining areas are awash in a sea of blue and gold. According to Empire Designs, “The accent color blue breaks the coldness of the black and gold colors. The finishes are very high-end and luxe, achieved through use of metals, glass, and lush fabrics.”

Living Area

Elements of the art deco era were used, such as black, gold, brass and geometric lines combined with a more modern, softer approach, as seen in the skim coat walls and organic furniture.

Living Area

Empire Designs kept the style clean, and made the space homier by adding plants and flowers. The saying “Less is more” truly applies to this space. As far as the designers are concerned, each piece should be chosen meticulously, and there is no need to “overly decorate the space.”

Living Area

Furniture pieces, such as these brass rock tables are sculptural and unique—“already an artwork unto itself.”

Dining Area

In this non-traditional dining setup, an elegant white couch on one end and two chairs on the other make for a cozy yet sophisticated setting. It’s perfect for entertaining.

Dining Area

The table setting is far from usual. Empire Designs says, “It’s what a table would look like if the homeowner invited friends over for some wine and hors d' oeuvres.”


Black and white stripes for the kitchen walls paired with geometric-shaped lights wrap up the art deco feel of the space.

Kid's Bedroom

Carlo describes, “Instead of going for extravagant art deco details, I kept it subtle by just adding small elements of art deco in little corners of the room.”

Kid's Bedroom

A tip in working with small spaces, Carlo says: “If you want it to be more cohesive and fuss-free, pick a simple color and just play around with its shades. You can add small accents here and there, but the important thing is to still maintain a certain harmony in the room.”

Kid's Bedroom

What’s good about using earth tones for a kid’s room is that you can add a pop of color through artwork, accent pillows, and other accessories.

Kid's Bedroom

The light fixture in the kid’s bedroom manages to be playful yet chic at the same time, as it looks like real candlesticks encased in an intricate holder.

Kid's Bedroom

In the 18th century, the etagere or shelf was widely used in France. Here, it works well in creating an elegant and playful look, which, according to Carlo, is “almost tribal in nature.”

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is drowned in different hues of gray, matte textures, and monochromatic colors. “The effect was very controlled and a little formal, yet accents of gold were in place to show a little elegance,” Carlo says.

Master Bedroom

Among the interesting details in the master bedroom is the art deco wall decal which Carlo himself fashioned using washi tape.

Master Bedroom

“The accents of gold all over the room reflect the wife's interest in fashion accessories and jewelries,” says Carlo, so the room has both a masculine and feminine feel.

Master Bedroom

The colors are kept formal for the master bedroom. It’s also free from too much distraction. We love how the works of art give it a vintage feel.

Master Bedroom

A mirror should be placed in an area where it reflects a room’s highlight, and this is exactly what this full-length mirror does.

Empire Designs worked with pieces from Harver Hill, Lumina Concepts Lighting, Seed Design, Decoliving, and Abensons. Featured works of art are by Alfred Galvez and Kat Andrews. Carlo Mecate created the look for the bedrooms using pieces from MAV Furniture and accessories from Crate & Barrel.

This unit was designed as part of this year’s Real Living Space at the Sapphire Bloc by Robinsons Land in Ortigas. To learn more about Real Living’s signature event, visit

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