DIY Projects Abound in a Couple’s Condo Unit

Feminine and masculine sensibilities seamlessly merge in photographer Pat Martires and wife Peachy’s abode

Original Article: Kathleen Valle Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Issa Villar

Marriage is symbiotic with cohabitation, and it’s inevitable that style preferences will clash. Yet, photographer Pat Martires and wife Peachy have found a way to settle their design differences and come up with a creative compromise.

A self-proclaimed DIY dude, Pat decided to do away with professional interior designers and architects and independently transformed his formerly purely masculine condo unit to accommodate Peachy’s more feminine style before they said their “I dos.” Their space is predominantly black and white, with chrome and steel interspersed with floral and vintage touches. The Martires home is indeed proof that opposites not only attract, but can also lead to a creative collaboration.

Original article by Kathleen Valle. Styling by Issa Villar. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno.

Read the original article (“Great Shot”) in the May 2011 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Living Area

The black upholstered couch—a purchase agreed on by the couple—is softened by the black-and-white floral print and monochromatic sunny yellow throw pillows. The Matryoshka nesting dolls from Russia and other interesting curios are Peachy’s contributions from her travels as a flight attendant. The white wall anchors the predominantly dark-hued setup.

Living Area Detail

The living room fronts this black wall, in keeping with the unit’s black-and-white motif. In stark contrast to the black sofa, this space features a white antique small cabinet. Meanwhile, the seemingly simple black clock used to be a wall clock, until Pat turned it into a desk one with the use of an adjustable clock.

Living Area Detail

To balance out the black color used in the space, a white IKEA lamp is seen. As a quirky touch, a Batman logo in white was added as a wall accent, too.

Living Area Detail

Bright yet discreet prints framed in black add character to the space.

DIY Touch

What gives the home a Pat vibe is the DIY aspect of it. He'd rather make or reuse things than have a set furniture showcase. The coffee table is obviously a labor of love—it was created out of shiny mag wheels and glass. Magazines that Pat has contributed to add a touch of color and tone down the severity of the industrial vibe.

Dining Area

A red-and-white checkered burlap covers the folding dining table and livens up the space amidst the black chairs and white walls.

Dining Area Detail

Prevent solid-colored walls from becoming too dull and staid with statement decals. In Pat and Peachy’s dining area, the dainty black decal and a spiffed-up chandelier project a vintage, Parisian vibe.

Wall Detail

On the other hand, cartoonish chandelier wall decals add a creative kick to the white wall behind the TV set.

Pat's Workspace

Pat’s profession requires him to paradoxically look at the bigger picture and pay attention to the details. His office certainly reflects his personality and working style, such as the “Focus” wall accent that seems like a decal but is actually his own print. And since space is crucial, Pat cleverly uses a wall organizer to stow his wires and installed a wall panel under his work desk for additional storage.

Organizing Tip

Keep clutter at bay with properly labeled storage. Doing so can also make filing and finding items easier. Translucent or even transparent catchalls and containers can definitely make identification hassle-free and less time-consuming.

Quirky Detail

Adding a unique and quirky touch to the space is this Giraffe piece.

Master Bedroom

Androgynous need not equate to bland. The carved wood divider that acts as a makeshift headboard and wood side table that Pat’s mom bought from one of the furniture stores littering the way to Tagaytay are a great balance of yin and yang.


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