Antiques and DIY Furniture Complete This Condo Home

See how a delightful mix of old and new can make a space unique and inviting

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Most newlyweds start building their life together by getting or renting a new property, buying new items for their space, and so on. This wasn’t the case for Suzy and her husband Jay. For starters, they already had a 54sqm property that Jay had invested in. Also, instead of scouring furniture shops for new home décor and accessories, the couple “shopped” in his family home first before moving in. It’s a good thing that Jay’s family has an antique collection which proved helpful to their budget and the aesthetic they had in mind.

“What I really wanted was an industrial and rustic look,” says Jay about the design style he had in mind, not knowing that it was the exact opposite of what Suzy had planned. “I wanted a countryside home—think floral couches and everything girly,” she says with a laugh. What seemed like a bump in the road—design wise—for this couple turned out to strengthen their home’s aesthetic: a marriage of both their opposing ideas. They still went for the industrial style, but made sure to inject pieces to soften the look.

Once they had their style down pat, it became easier for Jay and Suzy to decorate their space with antiques, DIY art and furniture, and lighting fixtures, and decide which pieces go where. “As with anything, renovating our home was all about reconciling—our ideas, our budget, and our expectations,” says Jay.

Living Area

Jay and Suzy’s home is a mix of pre-loved, DIY, and items they hold dear. Case in point: the old white couch from Suzy’s parents, the coffee table that doubles as a wine storage made out of an old dog’s cage, and a rose that Jay preserved from Suzy’s wedding bouquet.

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Living Area

The couple's liquor collection is so vast, it can’t be contained in a single spot (aka the makeshift bar in the form of a glass storage). All sorts of drinks are displayed in different parts of their home, like the shelves near the computer table or inside the dog cage turned repurposed coffee table.

Living Area

This TV rack basically sums up the look of the living room: a combination of steel and wood.

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Living Area

To counter the lack of windows in their home, Jay and Suzy used as much artificial light as possible by using various lighting fixtures. This lamp with a Steampunk vibe hangs above the entertainment area of the living room.

Storage Detail

Ivory, bone, and jade antiques from Jay’s family’s collection could be found all over the couple’s space.

Living Area

Even as a kid, Jay’s always been fascinated by his family’s antique collection, so it isn’t surprising to see some of his parents’ stuff in their own home, like this animal skull hanging by the living room wall. 

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Dining Area

The large mirror in the dining area helps make the space seem bigger and brighter especially since one of the unit’s challenges is its lack of windows.

Dining Area

The “pulley” lamps hanging over the dining table is another one of the couple’s DIY designs and one of the pieces that they’re most proud of.

Makeshift Bar

Jay and Suzy’s liquor paraphernalia (drinking glasses and spirits) are displayed in this makeshift bar that’s conveniently placed right next to the TV shelf.


Since the kitchen area had built-in shelving, Suzy and Jay used the right laminate to wrap it with—perfect for their budget and the design they had in mind.

Storage Detail

Jay prefers light metal wire grades as makeshift storage solutions to go perfectly with the subtle industrial look of their space.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom looks cohesive because of the furniture and artwork done in similar tones, like the bed’s headboard, antique side table, and Jay’s artwork.

Walk-in Closet

Suzy set up wardrobe space in the IKEA closets in the master bedroom, while Jay’s clothes are in the maid’s room turned walk-in closet.

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of Real Living Magazine.

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