An 86sqm Condo Unit That Looks Like A Hotel

A couple achieves their dream of a hotel-like home with a relaxing color scheme and elegant touches

Original Article: Cecile Jusi Baltasar Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Dagny Madamba Architect: Angelo Siochi

Homeowners Tonypet and his wife Cris had a unique request for the design of their one-bedroom unit: “Give it the ambience of a hotel,” they told their architect and designer Angelo Gabriel Siochi.

What Angelo delivered is a cozy, monochromatic home that echoes the luxurious look of the condominium unit’s public lobby. Using shades of beige, brown, and taupe, Angelo played with textured wallpaper, custom-made furniture, and a directional lighting system to turn the couple's unit into a hotel room. “We want to feel like we are always on a staycation whenever we stay at our unit,” says Cris. “We specifically told Angelo to make our unit sophisticated, parang hotel talaga.”

But there was only so much Angelo could do with 86 square meters of space. “The first thing my clients and I agreed on was that we wanted to have an open-plan layout for the unit because of the small space,” says Angelo, who runs his own firm AG Siochi Architecture and Design. “But at the same time, I wanted to have a division of spaces so the furniture layout would make sense.”

Pinning down the hotel feel in the open-plan layout are the textures that Angelo used on the custom-made furniture and wallpaper. “We made sure that the upholstery of the dining chairs is similar to that of the couches in the lobby,” says Angelo. The wallpaper, resembling golden sweeps of a paintbrush, recalls the condominium’s elevator interiors.

The designer also covered the dropped ceiling over the living area with faux wood vinyl floor tiles, which look almost exactly like the lobby’s wooden floor. “I wanted to achieve a wooden plank appeal, but installing real wood would have been more complicated,” says Angelo. “For one, real wood is heavy and thick. We wanted minimal movement for the renovation. Vinyl tiles are very thin, light, and also easy to work with.” And yes, they did do the job.

“All our effort in designing this unit was done because we want our client to feel like they’re going home to a hotel,” says Angelo. He did no major structural changes. All he did, apart from defining spaces, was to “remove unnecessary furniture and clutter,” he says. “That’s all you need to do if you want a hotel feel for your space. You remove what is not needed and keep everything in its place, just like in a hotel.”


Dining Area

The front door used to look straight into the bathroom door, which is past the dining area. This didn’t sit well with Cris and Tonypet, so architect Angelo installed a sliding door to disguise the short hallway leading to the bathroom. The door now acts to further define this area. When it is slid closed, it becomes an extension of the tinted mirror against which the dining table stands. The wire pendant lights are from Azcor. 

Living Area

Angelo is big on using local suppliers for his projects. A brass sculpture by Ronald Castrillo sits on the custom-made coffee table, which was made from local materials. Another art piece, fashioned from local wood, brightens up the wall—it evokes the image of the fishing nets of Malabon, Angelo’s and Cris’ hometown. The metal wall accent above the sofa is from Fino Pino, and the unique table lamp is from Triboa Bay Living. 

A Chiquita stool by noted Cebuano designer Kenneth Cobonpue pleasantly matches the unit’s color theme and serves as the living area’s accent chair. 


Angelo’s structural touch was minimal as far as condominium renovations go. In the kitchen, he added a pantry shelf, a lower ledge attached to the counter for added seating space, a small study nook for Tonypet (seen at far left above), and housing for the refrigerator. To distinguish the dining area and living area, Angelo used finishes instead of walls. He installed a tinted mirror on the wall of the dining area. And to visually separate the living area from the rest of the unit, Angelo added a dropped ceiling over it.  

Angelo placed a sleek, linear light fixture from Azcor in the kitchen. “It’s a little plain because I didn’t want it to clash with the other Azcor light fixtures over the dining table,” he says. The fixture is focused on the kitchen counter and its dining ledge. “My clients wanted extra seating space for when guests come over. They also asked for the ledge to be lower for their grandchildren. 

Bedroom Study

Angelo wanted to emphasize continuous lines in the bedroom to draw the eyes away from its irregular shape. To do this, he had the desk/drawer set custom-made so that one end would rest on the windowsill. “This way, it looks like the bay window continues onto the next wall,” the architect explains. 


The main attraction of the bedroom is the amazing view—on a clear day, one would be able to see all the way to the hills of Antipolo. There were already cabinets in the unit, but Angelo removed them all, because they looked awkward in a irregularly shaped room. “So to create the illusion of an even and rectangular room, I installed cabinets that also look like the headboard.” Even the custom-made queen-size bed has storage drawers underneath.

Read the original article ("Year-long Staycation") in the December-January 2016-17 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details. 

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