A Loft Exists in this 21sqm Condo Unit

Interior designer Nikki Audine combined industrial touches and country-inspired details to create a homey and welcoming space that's within the owner's budget

Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Kamila Arianna Garcia Interior Designer: Nikki Audine

Who would have thought that a loft can fit perfectly in a tight, 21sqm unit? Smart use of space, opting for an open layout, and patiently looking for the right pieces to go into the home all led to a final look that’s simple yet special. “The details and simplicity of the unit make it special and what sets it apart from others is the welcoming feel of a spacious area despite the given layout,” shares interior designer Nikki Audine. When she got this project, the unit was already done, but the owner wasn’t happy with the output.

Given the instructions to make it homey and welcoming, the designer assessed the space’s current layout and the owner’s personality, too. “She likes industrial but finds it too manly and dark. She also has this idea of country and Shabby chic interior, but it’s too feminine for her style. I thought of combining the two styles together so I came up with an industrial country-inspired unit,” shares Nikki. To achieve the look she has envisioned, the designer chose materials wisely. She paired the black flooring with white brick foam walls to create an industrial vibe, then added pop up walls in pastel colors and faux plants as décor to complete the country feel. Collaborating and choosing what to prioritize helped Nikki and the owner finish the project even with a limited budget.


From the door, the unit has a long narrow hallway. “It was boring and I had to think of a cost-efficient way to add some texture. Upon sourcing, I stumbled upon this material called insulated foam bricks. These aren’t just aesthetically nice, it also has a nice sound absorption [feature] which helped with the echoing inside the unit,” explains Nikki.

She also installed small factory lights to give it an outdoor effect. “My client owns a bike and I wanted an area for the bike,” she explains.

You may look for insulated foam bricks at Wilcon Depot.


At the end of the hallway before the main area, a small stool was added where bags can be kept. It can also come in handy when putting on shoes. The quirky storage piece that’s reminiscent of filing cabinets can be used to store shoes and other essentials.

Find a similar storage piece at HMR, Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City.


Sprucing up the opposite wall are colorful accents that look like license plates. These pieces add to the quirky, industrial feel of the unit.

Find similar pieces at Tickles, LG/F SM Megamall Building A, Mandaluyong City. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Open Layout

Given the tiny unit, Nikki opted for an open layout—with the living, dining, and sleeping areas occupying most of the space. To create a cohesive look, most of the walls were painted white, with an accent wall to keep it from being too dull. She also chose neutral-colored furniture pieces as these stand out against the color scheme.


The cooking area features a pastel peach wall, a mosaic backsplash, and enough storage for utensils, dinnerware, and supplies. “I decided not to dismantle the kitchen cabinets due to our limited budget. I just accessorized the area and repainted the existing handles in matte black” says the designer. Faux plants and colorful ceramic diffusers serve as décor in the unit.

Dining Nook and Storage Wall

A cantilevered countertop functions as a dining nook with the addition of two upholstered barstools with a metal footrest and round base. Beside it is the rectangular shelves that Nikki opted to keep as well.

Storage Detail

To liven up the shelves, she added diffusers, framed accents, and more faux plants. “Whether it’s real or faux, plants are mood enhancers,” she says.


Before Nikki worked on the unit, a built-in cabinet was placed under the loft bed. “I had to dismantle the built-in cabinet and make room for a living area below the loft to create more space,” she shares. Since they had a budget to follow, Nikki sourced from different stores with affordable finds that pack a punch in terms of style and quality.

The sofa and barstools were purchased from Mandaue Foam, while the coffee table was from Our Home. The designer mixed and matched pieces from SM Home and Mandaue Foam to accessorize the place.

Designer’s Tip: A small coffee table can make a difference in a space. It can help homeowners save on floor space compared to a chunky coffee table. Find a similar piece at Our Home.

Find a similar area rug at Mandaue Foam.

Living Area

Finding a sofa that will fit under the sleeping area was a breeze. “I chose a streamlined sofa that’s also comfortable to use as a bed if ever the client has friends over,” shares Nikki. Paired with the double glass coffee tables and an area rug that’s reminiscent of a Van Gogh work of art, the sofa looks extra cozy and inviting.

Living Area

Nikki adores this small cute corner below the loft bed. Plants can help us feel better and a pot or two can add to the relaxing feel of a space. With light streaming in from the window, this corner can serve as a reading nook, too.

Storage Detail

Those aren’t just steps leading to the bed! The owner can use these hidden drawers to store books, shoes, magazines, and other essentials.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Nikki Audine through mobile at (0917) 823-2118 or you can also e-mail vvaudine[at]

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