A Cozy Industrial Style Condo Unit You’d Love To Come Home To

This 96sqm home features a balance between homey and edgy, with handpicked details and travel finds making it extra special and personal

Photography: Jose Luis Salazar Interior Designer: Catherine Cena-Yambao

When featuring homes, we always look for details that make it unique. Whether it’s a customized piece, a design hack, or an unexpected color scheme, such details make any space stand out among the hundreds of homes we’ve visited. In this 96sqm owned by a bachelor, it’s easy to get captivated by the common areas and the little details that interior designer Catherine Cena-Yambao chose to achieve the homey industrial aesthetic the owner envisioned. However, beyond the furniture and accessories are personalized details that set it apart. “I wanted the space to be very personal. I asked Cathy to minimize buying décor from stores and used the family/travel photos and souvenirs I’ve collected,” shares Mark. From the gallery wall in the hallway to the interesting knickknacks found all over the unit, visitors get to take a peek into the owner’s history and love for travel and adventure. In complementing the handpicked pieces, Cathy brought in luxurious furniture and well-chosen must-haves. “I mixed soft and curving lines with the hard lines of the architectural finishes,” she explains.

As seen in most condo homes, incorporating storage became of the challenges that the duo had to address. Since Mark wanted his space to be functional, he wanted to have hidden storage nooks, pullout beds, and other nifty solutions. Cathy was able to factor these in, as seen in the bedrooms and common areas. Would you believe that Mark and Cathy worked on the unit by exchanging messages online? “It was a challenge to do the design and construction while the client was abroad. We relied heavily on technology to communicate. He also sourced from abroad and sent me photos and messages about what was appropriate to purchase for the condo,” the designer shares. The distance didn’t stop the two from creating a home Mark can be proud of. It’s ideal for get-togethers, sleepovers, and simply lounging around on weekends.

Kitchen, Living, and Dining Areas

The owner wanted his space to feel lived-in, with a mix of textures and tones that follow the industrial style. While the said style is known for raw finishes, the 96sqm feels homey—thanks to the personalized details, chosen furniture, plants as accents, and vinyl flooring. Since the common areas occupy a huge open space, the owner can move around freely and even invite friends over for get-togethers.

Living Area

The living area is compact yet inviting. While the TV is set in a corner, Cathy made sure that there’s enough space for gadgets and décor. Wall-mounted shelves were installed above and below the TV. The glass sliding door and windows let in natural light that amplifies the area’s airy and comfy vibe. With this layout, the living area can function as the extension of the dining space when needed.

Living Area

The coffee table with wooden legs and the curved sofa were custom-made by 1551 Furniture Shop. Cathy and Mark consider the curved sofa as their favorite piece in the unit. Aside from defining the living area, it also provides contrast against the lines in the space. “I really fell in love with the curved sofa. It’s such a nice accent and it’s also super comfortable,” shares Mark. Meanwhile, Cathy chose a quality fabric that ages well so that the sofa can withstand wear and tear.

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Living Area

Cathy spruced up this corner with green wonders from Space Garden and a framed piece. These must-haves add a refreshing feel to the space as well as balance out the hard lines in the unit.

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Dining Area

One of the notable features of the dining area is the built-in dining bench with storage underneath. This allows Mark to accommodate more guests while keeping clutter at bay. Cathy utilized the available vertical space by installing shelves where more travel souvenirs and trinkets can be displayed.

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Dining Area

With natural light streaming in, the dining area looks welcoming and perfect for hearty meals. Cathy paired the bench with a glass-topped table with wooden legs, a piece also customized by 1551 Furniture Shop. The designer completed the look with black dining chairs that have slim legs. These pieces help make the area look bigger and spacious.

Look up and check out the accents that liven up the ceiling. Cathy used nice conduits that match the industrial details in the unit to conceal wires.

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The kitchen is spacious enough for cooking and other tasks. Cathy installed task and general lighting to make sure the owner can work efficiently. Instead of putting up a wall to separate the kitchen from the rest of the space, the designer opted to incorporate a bar defined by a black metal frame. “It zones the kitchen as a separate area and yet it doesn’t make the space feel smaller. The area is great for quick meals or as a serving area for buffet style dining when entertaining,” shares Cathy.


Some of the improvements done in the space include replacing the laminates on the cabinets and installing white subway tiles as splashback. Both changes follow the industrial neutral color scheme of the entire unit.

Common Bathroom

When you step into the T&B, you’ll immediately notice its strong industrial influence. The shower enclosure highlights a black frame with black mullions (the bars in between the glass). Cathy also opted to retile the entire bathroom to achieve a cohesive aesthetic. The wall lamps with warm lighting were carefully installed so that the light accentuates the face when getting ready.

Common Bathroom

The granite countertop complements black decorative basin, vintage-inspired faucet, and the rest of the elements in the space. To keep essentials organized, the cabinet underneath can be used to store cleaning supplies and toiletries.

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The unit is unique as it has a long hallway that’s rarely seen in condo units. To maximize the space, Cathy decided to create a gallery. “Each framed image tells a different story. Hallways are sometimes neglected or generic, but this one is meaningful,” she says. Since Mark loves to travel, some of his photos were framed and put on display.

Master Bedroom

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this bedroom for hours? Mark’s personal space is cozy and relaxing. The bed is placed on a platform as inspired by Japanese futon-style beds. Mark requested for a Japanese-inspired room as he loves his trips to the country. To follow the unit’s theme, an accent wall was finished in a faux raw concrete material that matches the neutral linen and pillow covers chosen to spruce up the bed.

Master Bedroom

To create an illusion of a taller space, Cathy added a wooden ledge above the bed and installed mini spotlights to serve as reading lights. Adding warmth and somehow serving as a headboard are wooden panels that reach up to the ceiling. “The master bedroom is really cozy. It’s going to be hard to get out of bed in this room because I chose a comfortable mattress with a memory foam topper from Mandaue Foam," says the designer.

Master Bedroom

A glass sliding door leads to the one of the two balconies in the unit. To enable the owner to get some work done in the bedroom, a table and a stool were added at the foot of the bed. Since these pieces have slim legs, space is properly maximized.

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Master Bathroom

Coming from the moody feel of the common bathroom, the master T&B has a lighter palette, with neutral-colored tiles on the walls, a bigger granite counter with a shelf underneath for storage, and an interesting mirror. “We also tiled the floor of the bathroom with hexagonal tiles in different patterns. These pieces added a vibrant feel to the space,” adds Cathy. To tie the look together, hexagonal wood frames were installed on the mirror as accents.

Master Bathroom

Similar to what’s seen in the common bathroom, a decorative basin was also added. It looks like a beautiful woven piece paired with vintage fixtures.

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First Guest Bedroom

In both guest bedrooms, Cathy was able to create little pods—sleeping spaces/nooks where one can sleep, read, and relax. The wood that that serves as a bed frame extends up to the wall, the ceiling, and the area in front of the bed creating a cocoon of sorts that complete the snug appeal. Cushions and pillows make the bed extra inviting.

First Guest Bedroom

Aside from the mini closet, the occupant has access to extra storage space in this room as the bed has secret drawers that can be used in storing clothes, shoes, and other belongings.

Second Guest Bedroom

This sleeping space highlights huge windows that let in natural light and an elevated pull-out bed that comes in handy if the owner is expecting relatives and friends.

Second Guest Bedroom

At the foot of the bed is a shelf fitted with mirrors. Various décor pieces and travel souvenirs personalize this part of the room. The addition of mirrors help us expand the space.

Ready for your own home makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Catherine Cena-Yambao through email at catherinecena[at] or contact her mobile number (0917) 861-6011.

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