A 76sqm Bachelor Pad Filled With Works of Art

This bi-level condo unit will remind you of a posh gallery—with the owner’s impressive art collection, one-of-a-kind furniture, and travel finds taking the spotlight

Photography: Vincent Coscolluela Architect: Angelo Siochi

Many would agree when we say that decorating the home is a never-ending process. While we all start with basic furniture and a few accessories, additional pieces—may it be a customized item, a couple of paintings, or even prized finds from various trips—that we’ve acquired over the years have the power to transform any space into a personal haven.

Such is the case of this 76sqm, two-bedroom unit designed by architect and designer Angelo Siochi of AGSiochi Architecture & Design. From the entryway to the second floor, guests would be greeted by a sculpture or a painting. And years after the look has been completed, the space still feels homey and brand new. The secret? Having an open, minimalist layout allowed the owner and the designer to maintain and update the look of the unit easily. The chosen colors and textures not just serve as the perfect backdrop for a precious art collection, these elements also add to the timeless aesthetic that Angelo and the design team have envisioned for the place.


To give guests an idea of what to expect inside the condo, a stunning piece of sculpture by Daniel dela Cruz finds its spot a few steps from the door.

Dining Area

Who wouldn't love sprucing up this condo unit? Aside from the spacious first floor, the second floor also has another bathroom and two bedrooms. The dining area features a long wooden table, a sturdy bench, and matching chairs. It's situated beside the kitchen to make entertaining guests easier.

Dining Area

Even though the kitchen is compact, it's still functional with the cabinets providing enough storage. Since the owner loves to collect art, he made sure that the dining area has its own statement piece—Kenneth Cobonpue's Little People adds a warm, inviting glow while capturing the attention of visitors.

Notice the wooden screen on the wall behind the sculpture? It's a secret door that conceals a powder room!

Living Area

To further highlight the rare, investment pieces found in the unit, the furniture pieces are kept simple yet functional. This part of the home showcases a Ramon Orlina glass sculpture and an industrial-inspired wall accent. For a similar piece, visit Wilcon Depot.

To see more of Ramon Orlina's work, visit his website.

Living Area

Aside from being an art collector, the owner is also a lawyer. Given his line of work, a few minutes of Zen can help ease his mind. An indoor fountain partnered with a plant and decor pieces that connote tranquility take up the space under the stairs.

Living Area

Beveled mirrors in the living area not just create an illusion of space, it also makes for an interesting wall accent. Most of the pieces highlight dark tones and clean lines for an urban appeal.

To make the living area seem more airy and spacious, a couple of transparent furniture pieces were also added. The center table almost looks invisible, while the seating pieces that complete the cozy nook by the window look extra sleek.

For a similar table, visit Habitat, Abenson, 28th Street And 4th Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Living Area

Aside from housing the owner's entertainment system, this part of the living area also enabled him to display small works of art and other interesting finds. Uneven wall-mounted shelves hold mini jars and other Oriental pieces.

Living Area

Instead of leaving this corner blank, Angelo turned it into a functional nook. It can serve as a work area or even as a dining nook! Not only will it help the owner concentrate, it gives a fantastic view of the Makati skyline, too.

Powder Room

Who would have thought that the wooden screen leads to a chic powder room? Completing the space is another work of art and white fixtures. The dark walls and gray tones of the artwork add to the moody appeal.

Guest Room

The view of the city is enough to make a friend or a relative stay in this bedroom for days. Look up and see Angelo's signature ribbon detail that adds depth to the room. Given the elegant wallpaper and the inviting reading nook, this space can rival any posh hotel suite.

Guest Room

The wooden headboard adds a classic, country touch to the unit—a break from the masculine look of the place. Of course, even the tiniest of corners is not free from art! The surface on top holds two miniature art pieces and a lovely bookend that resembles the Golden Gate Bridge.

Guest Room

This corner allows the occupant to read a book or get some work done. A swivel chair, a wooden table, and a modern floor lamp complete the setup.

Staircase Landing

To liven up the white walls near the master bedroom, the owner chose to display a captivating work of art showcasing the sunset and a group of children that represent him and his siblings.

Master Bedroom

Shades of blue dominate the bedroom's walls. Cove lighting was added to further illuminate the space as well as highlight the framed art pieces. Since the owner also loves to read, wall-mounted shelves hold various titles and a DVD collection, too.


The bathroom on the second floor is kept simple with white fixtures, ample storage, and a mirror that covers one wall. Wall lamps add an elegant touch while an indoor plant keeps the ambiance light and refreshing.

Design Detail

An abstract painting livens up the wall by the stairs. With the number of art pieces and other valuable finds in the home, it's fitting to say that it's the owner's own personal gallery. The home not just highlights notable works by Filipino artists, it also captures the owner's passions and personality.

To get in touch with architect Angelo Siochi and to see more of AGSiochi Architecture & Design's projects, follow them on Facebook.

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