An RL Reader's 24sqm Winter-Inspired Condo Unit

Transforming furniture, space-saving details, and cool colors make this tiny unit a must-see

Photography: Eloisa Lopez

It’s always a treat to visit reader homes for a couple of reasons. Aside from being able to transform bare spaces into beautiful and functional havens, the homeowners we’ve met always seem to take design to a whole new level—with inspiring concepts, unique elements, and solutions that make the most of every square meter.

This 24sqm unit in Quezon City was designed by a loyal reader who is now based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Made specifically for her daughter, the space features a mix of Victorian and Parisian influences, with the feel of winter as the unifying theme. Through the plain door, a cozy home fit for a princess awaits guests. Most of the pieces are in white, with turquoise serving as accent color. It may seem like a simple unit at first—but wait until you’ve seen the photos—there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Living Area

Who would have thought that such an impressive setup would work in a tiny space? With most of the pieces, and even the walls in white, it was easy to bring in color as well as incorporate big pieces. The tufted white couch takes center stage, while the calming balance of white and turquoise is aesthetically pleasing and would remind guests of Disney's Frozen.

Meanwhile, the customized curtain that takes up an entire wall showcases a frozen lake view to match the theme as well as make the unit look bigger.

Living Area

Another well-thought-out detail seen all over the place is the trellis pattern. Our reader made sure to incorporate it through the rug, the pillows, and the glass detail that accentuates the ceiling.

Most (if not all) of the pieces in the home were all brought from Canada (hence the need to pay for excess baggage when the project was on-going!) and it took a year of shopping and looking for the right accessories to complete the look she has in mind.

Living Area

By the faux fireplace is a stack of recycled Tiffany & Co. boxes as extra storage. A bench spruced up with a pillow, a furry fleece throw, and a tray meant for snacks complete a snug corner by the window. It can accommodate friends or it can also work as a reading nook.

Living Area

A mirror disguised as a window was added to keep the space from looking cramped. The tufted turquoise seating piece takes up space near the kitchen. It can make for another sitting area and when paired with the furry foot stool, the corner can easily transform into a lounge area. The "firelogs" on the floor are pillows that serve as extra decor.

Find similar pieces at Home Matters, 222, Medecor Building, Ortigas Ave, San Juan.

Living Area

We can't help but admire the faux fireplace, too! Powered by electricity, it's like an actual fireplace given the crackling fire sound effects. The customized mantel is a storage must-have—aside from allowing the owner to display various knickknacks and pretty accessories, it has properly concealed compartments perfect for storing essentials.

Living Area

Placed against the wall is a console table that serves as storage. The cabinet can be used to store extra pillows, magazines, and other personal belongings.

Surprise—the console transforms into a dining nook that's perfect for the small unit. It houses a folding table and four folding chairs that can be stored underneath. Our reader proudly calls it a 3-in-1 piece—it can serve as a dining nook, a bar counter (without the essentials on top), and a divider that separates the living area/bedroom from the rest of the unit.


Upon entrance to the unit, guests would notice the cabinet that takes up an entire wall. Slide the door open and be ready for a big reveal—the kitchen! A red backsplash makes it stand out, while drawers and overhead cabinets keep it clutter-free. The appliances are neatly stored in built-in niches while motion sensor lights make tasks easier.


Our reader chose to keep the kitchen simple—perfect for a young professional. Cooking and cleanup can be done in a few minutes, while still maintaining a stylish look. Wall decals of potted plants liven up the far end of the counter while a rod holds a kitchen towel and a faux plant.

On both sides of the cooking nook are cabinets meant for clothes, shoes, and cleaning supplies.


Remember the living area earlier? It's now a bedroom! Inspired by the Murphy bed, the owner customized a hidden queen size bed. After moving the sofa to the side, there are locks on both ends of the wall that will reveal the sleeping must-have.


Our reader sure knows how to create a cohesive look. Observe the patterns on the sheets and the wall behind it—it features rounded shapes that add interest and texture to the area. The shelf above holds books and more decor pieces that follow the accent color.

The columns on both sides of the bed hold a surprise, too! It can be used as a side table and a laptop desk once you open the cabinet. All three focal pieces in the unit—the mantel, the dining nook, and the bed—were all designed by our reader and executed with the help of a trusted friend.


The bathroom still follows the theme even if it features more light colors. A dainty wallpaper with patterns that resemble the trellis brighten up the private space, while chic fixtures complete the space. Towels are neatly kept on a mini shelf, while potted greens add a refreshing feel.


A round bathroom sink sits prettily on top of a counter with a wooden finish. Underneath the sink are storage nooks that can accommodate more towels, toiletries, and cleaning must-haves.

We might feature your home, too! Send photos for review to reallivingonline[at] with the subject: RL Reader Home. You can also send us a private message on Facebook.

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