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Household Items You Can Repurpose as Plant Pots

Reuse your old coffee mugs!


There are many perks of having plants in your home—aside from improving air quality, plants can help reduce stress and anxiety. It's no surprise that many have become plantitos and plantitas! If you're looking to start a home garden as well, a planter is the first thing you'll need. There are many interesting containers you can buy online, but if you want to save some cash, here are some alternatives to traditional plant pots you can find at home: 

1. Tea cup  

The unused tea cups in your cupboard make an adorable home for tiny succulents.


2. Plastic bottle

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When in doubt, you can't go wrong with repurposing your plastic bottles. Aside from houseplants, you can even grow various vegetables in these bottles, from tomatoes to kangkong. 

3. Coffee mug 

Use your old coffee mugs to grow small plants! Just remember to drill a hole in the bottom of the cup because proper drainage is crucial to a plant's health. 


4. Colander  

A kitchen colander is another planter option you can try as it's already built with drainage holes. All you need is a burlap to cover the bottom layer of the colander—this should keep the soil from spilling.  

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