10 Cute Pots for Your Plant Babies

Give your little green friends the home they deserve!

Photography: Shop Leaf | Casa Consunji

( Plants and fresh flowers are some of the quickest ways to fill up any space with color and life. Whether your decorating scheme is bohemian, modern, industrial, or anything in between, the key to making your greenery fit right into your home is getting the right pots. Like accessories for an outfit, the receptacle you choose for your little green friends needs to be both complementary to the individual plant, but also harmonious to the bigger picture.

Here are 10 pretty pots you can buy in Manila:

Seafoam Honey Jar (P1,490) from Nooke



Doesn’t this ceramic pot from Nooke remind you of Winnie the Pooh’s “hunny” jar? Its faded, vintage appearance will add a lived-in feel to your space, making it look extra homey. Plus, the soft seafoam shade would easily complement green leaves or brightly colored flowers.

Available online.

Emas (P450/small, P700/medium, P1,000/large) from Casa Consunji

PHOTO BY Casa Consunji


Despite their eye-catching color, these gold paper pots from Casa Consunji have a crumpled texture that keeps them from being too flashy or garish. They’ll go well with any color or pattern you have on your wall. You might want to get several to put all around your space for a coordinated look.

Casa Consunji is at Unit 8-10 The Tent, Acacia Avenue, Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

Metal Cactus Frame (P1,050) from Mica Decorations


This succulent frame from Mica Decorations not only holds your prickly plants, but also protects you from getting scratched or poked by them. Its outer frame has a cactus shape that will only serve to emphasize your plant’s natural shape.

Available at Qach Lifestyle and Garden; see a list of branches.

Sinag Pop (P4,800) from C&C



This pretty pot from C&C also doubles as an accent piece. The bright colorway and unique pattern are reminiscent of the playful elegance of Scandinavian interior design. Plus, it’s made from natural materials!

Available online.

Smiling Pots (P179) from The Greenhouse Project

You’ll enjoy seeing your plants sitting in these quirky little pots from The Greenhouse Project thanks to the adorable cartoonish smiles on each of them. You might want to grab two just to make sure you won't have one sitting on a shelf all by itself!


Available at Common Room, Power Plant Mall, Makati City.

Crooked Vase (P1,895) from Dimensione

Give your space an urban modern touch with these asymmetrical vases from Dimensione, which can go with leaves of all shapes and colors and add dimension to a flat space. The simple, clean-cut silhouettes will help create a more relaxed ambience wherever you place them.


See a list of Dimensione branches.

Airplant Holder (P450/T1, P500/T2, P550/T3) from Plant Parenthood

PHOTO BY Plant Parenthood

For small plants that don’t require soil, try these cool holders (which they also dub as The Trio) from Plant Parenthood. These plant holders made from reclaimed wood can be placed on your shelves to add small touches of green all around a space, which will subtly make it feel cozier and more welcoming. You can get them individually or as a set.


Available online.

Pina Basket (P900) from Shop Leaf

PHOTO BY Shop Leaf

For larger plants, we’ve got our eyes on these baskets from Shop Leaf, which have a rustic, farmhouse feel to them. The layered ruffles (which remind us of the classic bahay kubo) will add some texture and a distinctly local character to your home.


Available online.

Andi Pots (P1,500) from Nest Plant Studio

We love the pastel colors on these terrazzo-patterned pots from Nest Plant Studio. They’re perfect for that messy-chic, bohemian aesthetic. Plus, they’ll make any space IG-worthy!

Available online.

Boob Pots (price available upon request) from The Pot Dealer

PHOTO BY The Pot Dealer


These clay pots from The Pot Dealer are too cute to resist! Modeled after the female form (and a very realistic one at that!), each piece is handmade, making every individual pot one-of-a-kind. They have a distinctly homemade look to them, but are also reminiscent of modern art—think of the sculptures you’d see at contemporary museums. Your visitors might just ask you if you commissioned them from an artist!

Available online.


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