This Device Tells You Exactly When You Should Water Your Plants

No more overwatering.

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Over- and under-watering is every plant parent's constant struggle. Both could cause your beloved greens to wilt, and unfortunately, not everyone has the sixth sense to know when to put the watering can to work.

But, we bear good news: There's actually a device that helps you tell exactly when your plants need watering. It's called the Sustee, and it might just be the answer to all your watering woes. Find out more about it below!


What is Sustee?

Sustee is a slim, pen-like device that monitors the moisture in soil by absorbing it at root level. Once it's inserted into the soil, it indicates whether or not the plant is adequately watered through a small window, making it easy for plant parents to know when to replenish. It's basically like a thermometer, but for water!

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How do you use it?

1. Insert the Sustee into the plant soil until the "Ω" mark.

The Sustee marker needs to be hidden under the soil to start measuring. To prevent hardened soil or roots from clogging the device, loosen the soil before inserting the device.


2. Wait for the window to change color.

Depending on the size of your device, it could take anywhere from three to 25 minutes for the Sustee's window to change color. If the window turns blue, it means the plant has enough moisture and you don't have to water it yet. However, if it turns white, it means the soil is dry and needs to be watered. The brand suggests only watering your plant when the window turns white to prevent overwatering!


3. Clean your Sustee to keep it functional.

The older your Sustee is, the longer it might take to change colors. When this happens, you can soak it upside down in a detergent and warm water mixture for an hour to get rid of anything clogging the device. If it still doesn't respond after cleaning, your Sustee core is probably due for a change. It's basically like changing the cartridge of a pen!


Here's where you can shop for your very own Sustee:

Sustee Small, Medium, and Large, P460-690,

Find out more about Sustee here.

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