Here’s How You Should Be Watering Your Succulents

Always make sure that the soil is totally dry before watering!

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There’s a misconception that succulents don’t take a lot of care, when in fact, there are very specific do’s and don’ts in keeping them alive. If you’re a new plant parent, you’re probably wondering why you can’t seem manage your succulents: before anything else, you may want to start with checking how you water them.

Roots of succulents are quite fragile, and overwatering can cause them to rot. This is why depending on the climate, it’s important to space the days when you water them. Some succulents can go for weeks of not being watered when it’s damp and rainy. When the season is dry, you can do so every two or three days, depending on how high the temperature is. You may also want to watch out for dried leaves: when they’re starting to wither from the crown of your plant, then you’re probably under-watering it.


According to Better Homes & Gardens it’s better to soak your succulent’s soil (not the plant itself) to the point that water is draining from the hole at the bottom of your pot, instead of pouring small quantities of water often. The latter is better for nourishing all your plant's roots, plus it also allows the soil to dry properly, which is very important, as you should only water your plant again when the dirt is completely dry.

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Other tips in keeping your succulents alive

Succulents need time to get used to new environments, so you need to be mindful of where you transfer them. If they were previously indoor plants, don’t put them in direct sunlight—make sure they have enough shade or else they’ll die. Repotting your succulents also means that you need to give them around a week to get used to their new space, so don’t water them right away.


When repotting, you also need to use the right soil—it should have the right mix of dirt and tiny pebbles to be able to drain water properly. Regular soil won't work as it keeps in moisture for too long, which can cause roots to rot.

There’s no one list of hard and fast rules when taking care of succulents. Most of the time, you only have to be observant as to how they’re responding to your care. Watering can be tricky, but if you're really not sure whether or not it’s time for another soak and your plant is still looking fine, better wait for another day before doing so.

Sources: Better Homes & Gardens, Succulent and Sunshine

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