7 Ways To Jazz Up A Naked Light Bulb

Willing to throw some shade? Here are some easy and cheap lamp projects you can try out yourself.

Photography: James Pond for Unsplash

Are you stuck in a rental or a just-turned-over condo unit and all your lighting fixtures are naked light bulbs—but you don’t have the cash for a fancy pendant lamp?

Look no further than the items you have lying about your home. With a little elbow grease, you can create unique lamps that would immediately personalize your space. Here are some ideas we gleaned from some intrepid Instagram DIYers: 


As the one who posted this photo mentioned, she was relieved to have recovered these quirky kitchen-tool-droplights after her marriage ended. Want to make your own? Dagny Madamba shows us how—just click on the link below.

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Throw a sheet over it

Simply throwing a piece of fabric can create an ethereal effect. Important note—you must attach a (bare) wire lampshade frame first, so that the fabric won’t touch the bulb directly. Use a sheer fabric for best results.


Rewire in color

Changing up the wiring to a brightly colored cord would help you create a hipster-style lighting fixture. This works best with industrial-style filament bulbs. You can buy different-colored fabric light cords at Dimensione.

Be a basket case

Another take on the kitchen theme—use an upside down colander (wire or plastic are both okay) to use as a lampshade. See a fine example of the colander lamp by clicking on the house tour below.

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This is a great lamp idea for spinning addicts or bikers. Make sure you get an old bike tire with a hole that could fit your bulb’s socket.

Imaginary lamp

Remember the yarn art you used to do in grade school? Use the same principle to create an “imaginary lamp” silhouette for a wall-mounted light bulb. Want to try your hand at yarn art first? Click on the link below.


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Toy with it

This mom hand-glued her child’s toys onto what appears to be a spray-painted wire lampshade. It’s a great DIY project for a kid’s room (you can have them help out, too).

Caged glory

This is one easy DIY lamp that could add a feminine touch to any room. You can buy affordable, decorative birdcages at Dapitan Arcade.

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