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5 Paint Colors That Instantly Make a Space More Relaxing

From blues to grays.


Aside from adding indoor plants to your home or opting for warmer light bulbs, painting your walls in soothing colors can also help you achieve a more comforting living space. Check out these calming paint colors below: 

1. Sage green

As it reminds you of nature, this warm, muted shade naturally makes any room feel relaxing and welcoming. As Country Living notes, "it is one of the most restful colours for your eyes." Complement it with wooden furniture to create a serene place you’ll look forward coming home to. 


2. Lilac 

Violet is a rich color that's often associated with royalty and luxury, and it’s also know for inspiring creativity. But when it comes in a softer, lighter shade like lilac or lavender, it creates a peaceful ambience. 

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3. Light blue 

According to Reader’s Digest, “colors such as icy blues and greens have a calming effect. They are especially well-suited for bedrooms.” While blue rooms are a lovely spot to rest in, it can sometimes feel gloomy. You can balance this cool paint color with decorative touches in warm colors.



4. Warm grey

Grey may seem like a dull option, but a warm shade of grey with brown undertones can create a comforting environment. Plus, it catches natural light quite beautifully, too! 

5. Peach 

Calming colors need not be boring. Peach, for instance, make for a sweet and soothing backdrop. If you need inspiration, check out these photos of peach interiors


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