How to Keep Roaches and Other Insects From Crawling Up Your Drain

Keep your sinks safe from bug visits.

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One of the ickiest things that could happen while you’re bathing/washing dishes is to have a cockroach or any other critter suddenly run out of your water drain. This happens especially in older homes and buildings, when the pipes have had years of water, soap, and food particles run through them.

According to Hunker, insects don’t really come from these pipes—they’ve probably crawled in from a door, a window, or a crevice and found a nice humid spot in your drain. It’s good to note, however that insects crawl less into clean drains than into dirty ones, so treat this as a sign that you may already have to do a bit of cleaning.

If this issue has been bothering you, here are a few things you can do.

1. Run your faucet, especially those that are not commonly used.

Some houses have several sinks and baths, and there may be one that isn’t as often used. An article on Apartment Therapy notes that it’s important to regularly run water in these places:


“The drains in your home, including those in your bathroom sink and toilet, have p-traps, which are u-shaped portions of pipe designed to always hold a bit of water. This water acts as a seal to keep your home insulated, in a way, from the larger plumbing system it’s connected to. If a drain is never used, the water in this trap can evaporate, potentially allowing drain flies (aka sewer flies) or noxious fumes to enter your living space.”

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2. Make sure your drain does have trapped food particles.

Food remnants in kitchen sink drains attract bugs. Add that to the damp, humid environment, and you have the perfect hideout for them. If you’re washing dishes, make sure to first remove food bits, sauces, and oils from them to avoid having them accumulate in your pipes. You can also pour a bleach mix down the drain to disinfect it.


3. Have your grease trap regularly cleaned.

Grease traps are common in condos, so if you reside in one, it’s best to schedule its regular cleaning with a professional. The common practice is every three months, but if it’s not possible, do the first two options in lieu of a cleaner’s visit.

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