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RL Picks: 10 Nifty Pastel Kitchen Finds Under P10,000

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Home shopping just never gets old. Decorating our space according to our own tastes and preferences will never not be a thing we want to do—it's an extension of our personality, after all. Not to mention that constantly refreshing our environtment, and well, just adding to cart, is therapeutic. If you're #Team Puti, we have a list for you. If want your space Scandinavian-styled, check this list out. If pastel and cute things are both things you love and you're looking for small appliances to equip your kitchen with, look no further than this list right here.


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Check out 10 small kitchen appliances in the sweetest pastel shades:



Disney Rice Cooker (P2,250) from Asahi


kitchen appliances asahi disney rice cooker PHOTO BY Anson's


Mickey Mouse will make sure your rice is well cooked with this chic and minimalist rice cooker from Asahi. The appliance is clad in a neat and soft white exterior and, of course—the star of the show—Mickey Mouse's name and face smack dab in the middle of it. And as a cool detail, you can spot the world-famous mouse's head made of wood as the lid handle.

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Available online.


Multifunctional Electric Cooker (P2,365) from Home Zania


kitchen appliances mutlifunctional electric grill PHOTO BY Home Zania


You can have your mini samgyeopsal-slash-barbecue, hot pot—or heck, why not both at once—party with this multipurpose grill from Home Zania. It has two sections for different types of dishes, making it easier and faster to clean up after cooking instead of going through multiple pans. Best part has to be that it's available in the cutest pastel pink. If you hurry, you might even score this at up to 80% off its original price. Yup, around P473. Sweet deal, isn't it?



Available in Lazada.


Two-Slice Toaster (P9,995) from Smeg


kitchen appliances toaster PHOTO BY Smeg Philippines


When it comes to form and function in the kitchen, Smeg Philippines knows it best. Case in point: this Two-Slice Toaster in soft pink. You can get fresh toast from this machine, which oozes that 50's retro charm, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. If you want to go all-out, Smeg has a wide range of kitchen appliances that you can cop in the same color.



Available online.


3-in-1 Breakfast Making Machine (P2,999) from DXL


kitchen appliance multifunctional breakfast maker PHOTO BY DXL


From the food down to the coffee—your breakfast is served fast thanks to this multifunctional machine. This small appliance has everything you need to make breakfast, a.k.a. the most important meal of the day. You can bake in the oven; fry or boil on the fry plate; and serve coffee or milk in its built-in coffee pot. You can prepare a variety of meals using one machine. Not to mention that it comes in pastel pink and blue, so it'll look great in your kitchen space.



Available in Lazada.


Bespoke Microwave Oven (P7,695) from Samsung


kitchen appliances samsung oven PHOTO BY Anson's


Hands up if you'd be heating up food more often than you need to if it means getting to use this stylish pink microwave oven from Samsung. Huge bonus if you're an avid lover of the shade. Either way, this will no doubt add a pop of color to your countertop.



Available online.


Air Fryer (P3,999) from 3D


kitchen appliance air fryer PHOTO BY 3D


We know how air fryers have changed the way most of cook food at home. If you're on the hunt for one, then this aesthetic cream with a touch of orange and gold retro air fryer will do the trick. It will breathe light and clean vibes into your kitchen space.



Available online.


Neoflam Blossom Forged Grill Pan (2,299) from SM Home


kitchen appliances pan PHOTO BY SM Home


As an adult who just moved into a new home, one of the essentials to have in the kitchen is a couple of pans—you know, because that's mostly where you'll be cooking food—or just the one you think would be enough for the meals you're going to prepare for yourself. Enter: this square pink grill pan from SM Home. It's chic, cute, and does the job well. You can also cop multiple pans with the same aesthetic at SM Home.



Available online.


Retro Electric Kettle (P2,995) from Brikk


kitchen appliances electric kettle PHOTO BY Brikk


This charming retro kettle from Brikk in the cutest color of blue deserves a spot in your kitchen, that is, if you're going for a retro theme. Its curvy build (with a dark brown handle) can handle 1.7 liters of water for your coffee, tea, or other use.



Available online.


Cupcake Maker (P2,300) from Nostalgia


kitchen appliances cupcake maker PHOTO BY Abenson


Your cupcake maker should be as fun and colorful as the cupcakes you're going to be making in it, so grab this dual-colored (pink and blue) cupcake maker from Nostalgia. You can make seven cupcakes at once with five minutes of cooking time. It's a perfect beginner-friendly baking tool.



Available online.


Hello Kitty Oven Toaster (P2,799) from Abenson


kitchen appliances hello kitty.jpeg PHOTO BY Abenson


Raise your hand if you're obsessed with Hello Kitty. We don't blame you. Who can reists the kawaii powers of this animated idol? The famed anthropomorphic cat takes the spotlight in this cute pastel pink oven toaster we found on Abenson. It's both cute and pastel.



Available online.


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