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10 Mirrors That Will Turn Any Space Instagram-Worthy

They'll make your home appear more spacious, too.

Photography: Sproos Home, Curio Cavern

Got a small space? Adding a few mirrors here and there can give the illusion of a bigger room. Not only will it make your home look more spacious, mirrors can also make your space Instagrammable—you just have to find #aesthetic ones that’ll add some character to your room. We already showed you some full-body mirrors that’ll level up your mirror selfie game, but if you’re looking for a bit more variety, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check out these cool mirrors that’ll make your space look IG-worthy:

Luna Mirror (P700) from Ukiyo Life


If you’re a self-proclaimed moon child or if you simply love anything that has to do with the stars, then you’ll want to check out Ukiyo Life’s crescent moon mirror. It’ll add a touch of whimsy to your room!

Available online.

Mirror (P6,500) from Sproos Home

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This irregular-shaped mirror from Sproos Home doubles as quirky wall decor that compels you to whip out your phone and take a mirror selfie each time you pass by. We love the chic white frame that outlines the mirror—you can even rest it against a wall for a laid-back vibe.

Available online.

Pebble Mirror with Stand (P3,500) from Furi Home


Perfect for desks or vanities, this pebble-shaped, artsy mirror from Furi Home features colorful brush strokes handpainted by Nona Amoncio. It’s effortlessly IG-worthy!

Available online.

Arc Frameless Mirror (P4,850) from Rhipe’s Backyard

Going for a boho look for your space? This frameless arched mirror from Rhipe’s Backyard will fit right into your aesthetic. Lean it against a wall and you’ll instantly have a spot where you can take your daily quarantine outfits.


Available online.

Luna Frameless Half Moon Mirror (P2,000) from Araw Araw Studios

This half-moon mirror from Araw Araw Studios is a great addition to your workspace—and comes in handy for times you feel like updating your followers with a random mirror pic. Not to mention, arched mirrors are all the rage lately, so this piece promises double tap-worthy pics!


Available online.

Billy Standing Mirror (P975) from Mandaue Foam

Standing mirrors like this one from Mandaue Foam are useful in more ways than one: You can hang your bags and clothes on them. Kidding aside, this straightforward mirror is great if you have some extra floor space and don’t know what to put in it.


Available online.

Angui Oval Mirror (P11,427) from Curio Cavern

If you’re obsessed with anything pink, this oval hanging mirror from Curio Cavern is right up your alley. Hang it up horizontally for a futuristic, giant-rearview mirror look or vertically for a retro-cool feel.

Available online.

Lindbyn Mirror (P3,990) from Furniture Source Philippines


Looking for a no-nonsense full-body mirror that you can hang next to your cabinet or clothes rack? This piece from Furniture Source Philippines has a minimalist rectangular design with thin black frames perfect for those who prefer clean-cut lines for their space.

Available online.

Faye Mirror (P999) from Sunday Home


If you have an empty wall that you feel like sprucing up, consider hanging up this chic round mirror from Sunday Home. It comes with a golden chain that you can use to hang the mirror—it’s perfect for a last-minute makeup check before heading out the house!


Available online.

Luna Mirror (P7,000) from Yanna’s Home

This chic full-length mirror from Yanna’s Home has thin light-colored frames that you can rest against a wall for a relaxed vibe. You can decorate your room around it by adding #aesthetic home decor like colorful throws, exposed clothing racks, dried blooms, and more to complete your IG-worthy space!


Available online.

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