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These Room Fragrances Are Inspired by Luxury Hotels in Manila

Add a touch of opulence to your space.


What's the first thing you notice when you enter a hotel? Aside from the high-ceilinged rooms and ritzy ornaments, it's the sudden rush of the lobby's luxurious aroma that greets you as you walk through the door. Large-scale hotel and resort chains typically invest in creating their own signature scents, giving visitors an immersive experience that makes their stay feel even more relaxing and lush. "It creates a memory trinket," says Brown University psychology professor Rachel Herz, in an interview with Condé Nast Traveler. "The scent is a marker and a reminder for them to return to the hotel for their next visit." The practice of using fragrance to achieve this nostalgic effect can be traced to the late '90s. "Guests may not pay that much attention to the scent, but they're aware it's there when they walk into the lobby," says Herz.

The level of olfactory immersion that hotels create is one a homeowner can only hope to achieve. We fill our spaces with scented candles, reed diffusers, dried flowers, and other home fragrances, hoping to give our humble abodes that same submersion of soul-soothing aromas. Here's one way you can give your space that unmistakable hotel scent.


Here's where to shop home fragrances inspired by luxury hotels in Manila:

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Kasa Adoré


Kasa Adoré offers a variety of room and linen sprays inspired by popular hotels in Manila. Their lineup includes scents modeled after Shangri-La, Sofitel, Marriott, Solaire, Conrad, and Okada. Spritz them all over your room and on your sheets and pillows to give your personal space that opulent touch. Best part? They're only P199 a bottle!


Check out some of our favorites from their line:

Mémoire de Shangri-La Room and Linen Spray (P199) 

Mémoire de Sofitel Room and Linen Spray (P199)


Mémoire de Marriott Room and Linen Spray (P199) 

You can order Kasa Adoré through their Facebook Shop page and Shopee.

Spruce Up

Born 10 years ago as an online shop on Multiply, Spruce Up started out as a place where Steph Arroyo could immerse herself in her interests; back then, that meant hair pieces and accessories. Spruce Up has since evolved into creating curated boxes that included little tokens for wedding guests, among which were reed diffusers inspired by Shangri-La hotels, the Manila Marriott, and The Peninsula Manila. The diffusers became popular enough among Arroyo's clients-"The hotel scents take them back to sweet memories of their weddings," she shared-that she decided to focus exclusively on the fragrances. Each scent comes in a display-ready bottle with five reed sticks at 50ml for P400 or 120ml for P750.


Take a look:

Spruce Up's Hotel Scent 01 (P400/50ml) is a Shangri-La-inspired fragrance with hints of bergamot, lily, and lavender.

Spruce Up's other fragrances are inspired by Manila Marriott and The Peninsula Manila. 



You can order Spruce Up scents through Instagram.

Check out on Viber to join their Community and subscribe to their Chatbot.

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