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Here's When MUJI's Biggest Store in the Philippines Is Opening

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In January, Japanese retail giant MUJI announced on a Facebook post that their largest store in the Philippines would be opening in 2021. It was later revealed that the highly anticipated new branch would be opening in Shangri-La Plaza some time between February and March, but it looks like we finally have an exact date to look forward to. Today, February 17, MUJI announced through their various social media channels that their largest store in the country will be opening its doors on March 5. Mark your calendars!


Now that we've got a specific opening date—and a few weeks of waiting time left—better clear your schedule to make time to check out the gargantuan store as soon as it opens. There's lots to look forward to including a new line of apparel, an in-house water-refilling station, a space dedicated to MUJI design concepts, lower prices, and more. We can't wait!

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In case you missed it, here's everything you can expect at MUJI Philippines' biggest store: The biggest MUJI store in the country will be located at Shangri-La Plaza.


In September 2020, MUJI temporarily closed their outpost in Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City. The closure was due to the expansion and renovation of the store, which will turn the previously 400-square meter MUJI branch into a 1,400-square meter space—more than triple the original size. Around 4,000 items will be available in the new store.

MUJI opened a pop-up store in the mall's Main Wing in place of the temporarily closed outpost, which closed on February 14.


The largest branch will offer new products and services that you can't get at any other MUJI stores in the country.

Aside from MUJI’s usual lineup of home essentials, furniture, stationery, apparel, toiletries, and more, the new MUJI in Shangri-La Plaza will exclusively introduce new products and services to the Philippine market, one being MUJI Labo, MUJI’s unisex clothing line. According to MUJI's U.S. website, MUJI Labo is composed of "unisex basic wear that is suitable for all ages and body types" and avoids "unnecessary fashion embellishments." The pieces sport a simple and streamlined aesthetic with colors and silhouettes that allow for easy coordination.

Here's a sneak peek at the versatile clothing items you can get from MUJI Labo:


Aside from a new line of apparel, the new MUJI store will also offer consultation services for furniture, storage, interior, and wardrobe styling with product recommendations provided by MUJI advisors.

Customers can consult with an Interior Advisor who will help you "visualize a space-efficient home with simplicity in mind" and give furniture and storage recommendations that would best fit your lifestyle. The Styling Advisor, on the other hand, can help refresh your wardrobe by recommending MUJI apparel fit for your lifestyle and personal taste. Lastly, the Experience Advisor helps customers choose from and understand the different stationery, health, and beauty products MUJI offers.


The new MUJI store will have its very own water-refilling station.

The newly expanded MUJI Shangri-La Plaza will be the first in the country to have a water-refilling station. In this way, MUJI aims to promote recycling and waste reduction by introducing a new line of reusable water bottles, priced at P160 each, that encourage customers to ditch single-use plastics. Inside the store, there will be a water-refilling station that you can use for free instead of having to buy drinks that create unnecessary waste.


MUJI's latest and biggest branch will introduce new reusable bottles priced at P160 each.

Customers are encouraged to use the bottle at the store's free water-reflling station in order to avoid drinks served in single-use plastic containers.


The new store will have a dedicated space known as Open MUJI.

Open MUJI is a space in the store where the brand can showcase MUJI design concepts and even hold activities and workshops with the goal of better communicating with customers.

Here's what the Open MUJI area looks like in stores around the world:


MUJI will be offering their bestselling items at lower prices.

With the opening of the biggest MUJI store in the country, the Japanese brand will be lowering the prices of some of its bestselling items, especially basic life essentials that customers would need to use on a daily basis. The process of repricing the items is known as a Price Review and MUJI continuously aims to revisit their popular finds and offer them at better prices. Due to the current state of our daily lives, MUJI has made sure to include products in the Price Review that can be used for "daily activities such as working from home, running errands, or even relaxing."

For more information, log on to MUJI's Facebook page.

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